Monday, November 17, 2014

11/17/14 - Project Life Cards on Non-Project Life Projects

Hello my bloggy friends and readers! 
I hope you all are well! 
The reason I am here to day is this:
If you read my last post, I mentioned how I like to use Project Life (PL) cards on my layouts.
I also shared this layout:
This made me curious as to how many other layouts I have used my PL cards on.
A bit of background for those who don't know:
1) I asked for and received Project Life supplies last Christmas with the plan to complete a 2014 Project Life Album  (never... completed... 1... page, DOH!)
2)  I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects (well generally any that are more than one page, LOL)
So basically the PL supplies were doomed to sit in my stash collecting cobwebs.
I took a break from scrapping in February 2014 and started up again in June 2014. Since that time I have created 28 layouts and of those 28 I have used PL cards on 12 of them...that's nearly half.
Some of the layouts I have used more than 1, such as the one above where I used 3 cards.
So I decided to put together a showcase of sorts of all those layouts and include the amount of cards used on each.
Some of these have been shared before.
(click on each image to enlarge):
1 PL card

2 PL cards
1 PL card

1 PL card

2 PL cards
1 PL card

2 PL cards

1 PL card

2 PL cards

2 PL cards
3 PL cards
 I have used 1 on an  Art Journal Pages as well:
1PL card
Total Project Life cards used is 22.
Not bad for somebody who doesn't actually do Project Life.
As you can see I used them in a variety of was: as a journaling spot, as "pattern paper" layers, and as a title spot...sometimes even combining the techniques.
As I said in my previous blog post, I actually like it better than using patterned paper because there is less of a need to cut. In fact most of the time I don't cut at all, which also means less leftover or wasted paper.  Plus I find it is sometimes hard to cut into a whole piece of paper when I only need a small portion of it for my layout.

The only drawback that I see to using the cards are that unless you buy lots of different collections, the variety of each one is a bit limited.  The regular sized collections are a bit expensive but I did recently notice on Amazon that their are smaller kits available.
Guess what I put on my Christmas list?! ;0)
BTW - My PL album, "Sea Foam Edition",  and pack of Pocket Pages ARE collecting dust! I need to see if I can find someone to buy them off of me... at a discounted rate.
If you know anyone, have them send me an e-mail at


  1. Wow. I'm totally inspired. I need to brush off my own pile of PL cards and see what treasures are in there.

  2. I love how you incorporated the cards!!! I have a ton of PL cards that I never I am inspired :D Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great job! You are always so good at using your supplies! ;)

  4. All really great layouts and great way to use your pl cards! I have tons that need to be used! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

  5. Awesome! I love using them on layouts too. I've never wanted to do the PL style, but I've used lots of the product. Very fun.
    Congrats on winning on the Moxxie blog!

  6. Wow!! What a great way to use up your PL cards!!!!!!!

  7. these are awesome, i know we've discussed using them before.

  8. Love how you used the PL cards on these pages, which are amazing. Love the today one and the background in the top one!!!


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