Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/15/14 - CPC: Hot Wheels

It's time for another challenge over at  "Child's Play Challenges" !
"Hot Wheels" is the inspiration:
I was instantly inspired to create a layout about the High School Graduation Present we gave our son: a car.....his first car (click on image to enlarge).
 "First Car"
Journaling: "June 3rd, 2014 
Joseph's High School graduation day. We gave him his present: a
2001 Toyota Echo. We also put out a set of luggage as a joke"
When I bought the BG paper, I bought it w/ the thought of using it for a birthday layout...but I just loved the way it looked w/ the other pieces of this layout so I decided to use it here instead. I may buy another sheet though, because I really like the paper!
Besides the BG paper I layered 3 large sized Project Life Cards. I asked for the set last Christmas  w/ the thought of actually completing a PL album, but yeah, that never happened! The cards are coming in handy for regular layouts though. In fact there are times I prefer them more than using actual PP for my layering; no cutting necessary!  I'm thinking of getting another kit of cards some day, but only once I've put a dent I in the one I have first.
And just because I already described the way I created the rest of the layout, I'll just mention that besides the BG paper and PL cards, all I added was 2 Doodlebug stickers and some title letters and journaling.  There really isn't much to this layout, but as it always seems, the less I do the more I love it! That's not a good thing for my scrap stash though!

Hope your inspired!
Make sure to share your layout w/ us by the end of the month ( a few days before if you can)!


  1. That's too funny :) great layout and story.

  2. Loveeeee this! LOVING the number paper and the photos!!!!!

  3. Love it! The story is great - the luggage totally cracks me up. I like how you used the PL cards. I won a set and since I don't do PL, I haven't cracked them open. But this makes me realize I should.

    1. I'm so glad I inspired you to use your cards PL...'
      You should definitely read my, already scheduled, Monday post then!
      I won't say what it's about but I'm sure you can figure it out! ;0)

  4. Cool layout! I love how you used the PL cards! I hope Joseph knew you guys were kidding with the luggage! LOL :)


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