Thursday, September 25, 2014

09/25/14 - "Get Messy" : September Prompt

Hi there!
I wanted to stop by real quick and share what I created for the "Get Messy" September Prompt.
If you don't know what "Get Messy" is, please check out this past blog post of mine (which also includes a link to the "Get Messy" blog): Get Messy
There, now that you have been educated, let me tell you what September's prompt is.
Just like in August, there is a "Journal" challenge and an "Art" challenge:
Journaling Challenge: Live your adventurous dreams on paper. What would you love to do, or at least try, if you had the courage to live more adventurously?
Art Challenge: Try a method or material you’ve never worked with before. Be adventurous!
Here is what I came up w/:

As you can see I went in a different direction w/ this prompt.
The truth is I am a very simple person; I don't need much to make me happy!
My life is fine just the way it is.
We travel,  and although I would like to travel's lack of money, not lack of "courage" or "adventure" that makes us unable to do so.
I don't have a "bucket list" and struggled to think of things I would put on a list if I had one.
I couldn't think of a single thing which just goes to show why I don't have one! LOL!
I then thought about the things I like to do and realized that as much as I liked them, others would probably find them very boring!
And that's when I remembered this quote I saw a long time ago:
"You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks you
what you like to do for fun"
I love quotes and this one was so true about my life and made me chuckle so I remembered it.
And it was perfect for what I was feeling about this prompt!
I printed it out and stuck it to my page and framed it w/ a  die cut frame I've had in my stash for over 13 years (before my daughter was born)!
I also added some journaling:
"I love my life just the way it is!
But I am well aware that since simple things make me happy, others
might find me boring!"
I also dated it and referenced that the page was created for the "Get Messy" prompt and included the prompt and Art Challenge info.
As for the "Art" challenge part of the prompt?
I used a roller stamp that I have had in my stash since December of last year.

Nothing fancy, but it turned out to be fun to use!
Although I wasn't very "adventurous" w/ it... I used it on a regular piece of paper and glued the finish product to my art journal page!
Oh well, close enough! LOL!


  1. I can totally relate, as evidenced by the fact that I consider cooking from a mystery basket to be the Most. Fun. Ever. :) The thing about hobbies though - they're always boring if they're someone else's hobby. I love crafting and cooking and reading, which many might find boring. But who cares? I can't think of anything more boring than watching sports, fishing, or window shopping. To each their own!

  2. This is so fun! Love what you did with the challenge!!! How nice that little things make you happy! I am with you there!!!

  3. I love the roller stamp effect on your page...Great quote. I'm a homebody and my husband is I get told that I am boring a lot ha ha ha...

  4. I'm with you on the not wanting to adventure thing. I also love that roller. Want one.

  5. I love your pages!! Simple things make me so happy too. And that roller looks like it would be really fun to create with - I am obsessed with triangles lately! :)

  6. Loveeeeeeee this! LOVING all those triangles!!!!!!!!

  7. I think that your pages is great! I also agree with how simple life can be compared to others. I did make a bucket lists and I put really simple things on there like "have food fight" or "bake at 2am" kinda things because it's about both the big and the small that make up life.

  8. Great quote, and really makes you think. I guess the grass really IS greener! Some people may find our hobby boring, or think that others lead some crazy adventurous life, when really they're just like you or me, LOL. :)


Thanks for all your comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!