Wednesday, September 24, 2014

09/24/14 - Art Journaling Update

Warning - this blog post is photo heavy!
I'm taking a poll...
How many of you thought I had given up on "Art Journaling"?
It's okay you can be honest!
Hahaha! I'm just kidding!
Although if you said "me", no worries.
I won't hold it against you as I am known to do that w/ every new project.
I have not given up.
In fact I find that it's an awesome way to help pass time at work!
I want to share the pages I have completed since last I shared.
(As you'll see I eventually got lazy w/ the photo taking...these are harder to take pictures of than layouts!) 
PG 7 - BFFs
 PG 8 - One Direction AKA: 1D
"I created this page in honor of Madison's first concert, which I am taking her to
along w/ her BFF and her BFF's mom, and the fact that I am currently, for the
next 7 days, listening to Madison's 1D cds so I won't be totally
clueless at that concert"
 PG 9 - Fred Fredburger
"My favorite character from the cartoon The Grim Adventures of
Billy and Mandy"
PG 10 - The Necklace
"Putting a smile on my face this Monday Morning: my new favorite piece of
jewelry; a silver giraffe necklace from Chichime. Why a giraffe? Because
it's David's favorite animal...and since David is my favorite everything it just
seemed fitting"
PG 11 - Smiling Gives You The Good Kind of Wrinkles
Middle Journaling:
"My Husband texted me that business was slow and included a "frowny face"
emoticon. I told him not to frown because frowning causes wrinkles. He said
so does smiling. And I said yes but those wrinkles are good wrinkles"
 Quote at bottom: "I just like to smile! Smiling is my favorite"
- Buddy the Elf

PG12 -Roses
 "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Old time is still a-flying
And the same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying"
-Excerpt from the poem "To the Virgin to Make Much of Time" by Robert Herrick
My roses: 7.24.11/Page: 9.11.14
PG13 - Circles
"Circles are my favorite shape... Is it weird to have a favorite shape?"
PG 14 - I Like Cats
"Saw this picture on a T-shirt on Instagram. The company name is
Animal Hearted Apparel and not only is the picture cute...
it's 100% true about me"
PG 15 - Strong
Lyrics from One Direction Song: "Strong"
The lyrics make me think of my husband because he really does
keep me strong!
 *Linda Roessler if you're reading this...I used Color Mist on the BG! Yay!*
PG 16 - First Day of Fall
"Fall makes me think of pumpkins.
Oh, and Pumpkin Spice Frappucinos!
But, mostly...pumpkins!
I think you can tell, most of my pages have no real rhyme or reason...I just create them because that's what I feel like making at the moment! And some are super simple!
Also you can see I threw in a few scrappy type pages, although nothing like the real scrapping I do.
My Art Journal has seemed to blossom into it's own creation w/ my drawings on 1 side and my "scrappy/journaling" stuff on the other. I notice tend to draw on the right hand side and do the "other stuff" on the left hand side.
Here's an example of what I am referring to:
IDK if that's how it will keep going but it's how it's going as of right now.
Another thing, I discovered in regards to my Art Journal, my scrappy pages are not in "chronological" order.
That's very weird for me!
Also one of the reasons I didn't like Smash Books.
But unlike a Smash Book, the not-being-chronological issue has more to do with me creating what I'm feeling at the time and less w/ having to go back in forth in my book to  try to fit my topic to the design of the patterned page that is in front of me...because, if you didn't already know, Smash Book pages have designs on them. 
The completely blank slate of an Art Journal allows me to enjoy the process better and to feel less pressure.
With my Art Journal,  my "jumping around" is a choice not a necessity.
But, so it doesn't set off my OCD,  what I have done is include the date of the photo being used along w/ the date of when I actually completed the page. The date I completed the page is more current than the photo date and helps make my journal appear more chronological.
For an example refer back to the page I created w/ the photo of my roses.
Also since my book is divided w/ scrappy stuff on one side and drawings on the other...if you view just the scrappy stuff in order, it's chronological. Same w/ the drawings.
But if you view them all together, that's when the dates get out of whack! (So I try no to do that!!!)
I'm enjoying including a bit of scrapping because it allows me to include photos I may not want to, or know how to, devote a full 12x12 layout to.
I thought that creating a page on such a smaller scale would be difficult, but it actually is nice not to have to worry about filling such a big space!
In conclusion.... Yup! I (still) love this art journaling thing!
Just so you know, I won't subject you to another post filled w/ my art pages in the future...this time was just to prove, mostly to myself, that I can do this!


  1. Yay!!! you used your misting spray! I'm so jealous of your artist drawing all the pages uniquely. My daughter loves giraffes...I love how you drew them...I love Elf, so that quote is awesome :)

    Keep Crafty :D

  2. These pages are gorgeous! Your drawing was amazing!!! LOVE what you said about wrinkles!! I am going to remember that when I see my laugh lines!! Ha ha. Plus, I LOVE your handwriting!!

  3. I am LOVING these!!! Your drawings are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great art work! I think your pages are fun! I too really liked the part about wrinkles. Oh and the Charlie Brown well he is my fave!

  5. Please do share your other art journal pages! I loved seeing them. So much creativity! It's impressive how diverse they are - different moods, different styles, different media... keep them coming!

  6. I agree with Cindy, you should keep showing us your Art Journal pages! :)

  7. Girlfriend! Guess who's going to the one direction concert!? ME! lol My daughter has been dying to go and my BF surprised her with tickets with really good floor seats. I need to buy their album so I can sing along with her! lol Hey maybe I will create a page in my journal so I see what these guys are all about. :) So glad we have our girls! I need to know who these kids are so when my daughters calls them by name I know which one she is talking about. I just had to share this with you!

    1. Oh yay! Have fun...BOTH of you! LOL!
      And BTW - I am ashamed/not ashamed to admit even though the concert is over I still listen to them!! Yup, I'm a fan myself now! Almost 40 and I know who they all are by face and name...and even have a favorite! OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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