Tuesday, March 4, 2014

03/04/14 - SID March Single Page Layout Team 1

Stopping by to share the latest "Stick It Down" sketch for my team: Single Page Layout - Team 1.
Warning my layout subject matter is total "TMI" (Too Much Information)! LOL!
First the sketch:

And my layout:

Journaling: "I have stomach issues.
I've had them since I can remember but having children made it worse...and each child made it worse than
the one before (thank goodness I only had 2)!
I was actually diagnosed w/ IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome
This diagnosis came a few short years ago and thanks to it, I know what I need to do to manage it.
But there are some days that no matter what I do it causes me great pain.
On those days the only comfort I get is lying down w/ my feet elevated.
Sometimes this happens at work.
I am thankful I have an office w/ a door and a lock
And my Snoopy blanket.
- Picture taken 02/04/14 -

Yup, like I said,  TMI.
But my IBS is a part of me; a part of my life.
And scrapping about life isn't just about the good and the pretty.
So there you have it: another piece of my story.
BTW - if you can't figure it out, that's a selfie I took of me lying on my office floor.
Thanks for stopping by and please stop by the SID blog to see other takes on the sketch!


  1. That's not TMI at all. I've been feeling like I should scrap about my IBS for a long time. For me, it came on suddenly in 2002 and was diagnosed in 2004 after a hideous two years of increasingly invasive tests and procedures, failed medications, and a giant strain on my life. I've had ups and downs since then, but after this long I don't think it's going away. It's such a major part of my life, but (obviously) an unpleasant one, so I haven't scrapped it yet. I've often thought about photographing my medications and going from there.

  2. I feel for you and Cindy! ((hugs)) I am so lucky to not have any problems like that (yet), but my poor MIL has been battling Crohn's Disease for many years, and it's misery. She's had several bouts of hospitalization and several feet of intestines gone because of it. So sorry.

    BUT ... I really love your layout. I love the colors together and the chevron arrows. One way to make something beautiful out of something not fun at all. :) Take care, sweetie! :)

  3. Oh my goodness Doreena!..great LO but so sorry you suffer with that!!!

  4. Totally feel your pain!! :( I love that you scrapped about it!!!

  5. This is unique! You are brave to share about your ordeal. Hugs!


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