Monday, July 1, 2013

7/01/13 - Simple Layouts

Recently I mentioned I just haven't really been enjoying scrapbooking anymore; I was actually thinking of quitting.

Part of it was due to changes going on in my life.
The other part was that I just wasn't "feeling " it anymore.
It seemed like scrapping had become more of a chore than a fun hobby.
I finally figured out why that was...
I noticed lately that I've been trying to push myself too hard to create these complicated layouts and it was just becoming too much work.
Complicated to me may be way different than complicated to you, because really how do you measure something like that, but either way the way I'd been scrapping was too much for ME.
So, this weekend I went back to making my layouts a lot more simple.
Not only was I able to create 3 layouts in one day, but I actually enjoyed the process and loved the final products!
As I said I created 3 layouts, but since one is for a DT challenge I can only share 2 w/ you today:
"Date Shake"
Journaling: "2/23/2013 - 1st visit to the Date Festival and 1st time trying a Date Shake.
We were not impressed w/ the shake: it tasted like a vanilla shake w/ dates thrown in.
Not what we expected for $5.00! Oh well, at least we can cross it off our 'Bucket List' "
For this layout I used only 2 PPs and the 2nd paper, the blue one, was actually a square scrap I cut in half and tucked under 2 of my pictures. I then journaled in the negative space of one of the pictures, even using that picture as my title, and added just a few random embellies to add a little bit more color and visual interest.
 "Me Too"
Journaling: "3/18/13 - Packing for Spring Break Panini
decides she wants to go too!"

For this layout I used only 1 PP and went to my "go to" large circle as a way to anchor the rest of the layout. I placed my pictures in a staggered line down the middle, then added a few embellies: a frame, some sticker banners, and a couple of buttons. I then wrote my journaling in the negative spaces of the circle and added a small title by way of sticker letters.

I also did something I don't usually do, when I created my second layout:
I always buy embellies and don't want to use them. So either I don't use them at all or I use them slowly, a piece here, a piece there...
(I think this is a problem for a lot of scrappers actually.)
For me, this causes 2 problems:
 1. I have lots of stash I wind up hoarding.
 2. When I go to finally use them it's difficult because I only have bits and pieces and that makes it hard to match things up.
On this layout I actually challenged myself to use a whole page of banner stickers. In fact the design of my layout was centered around the banners.  (There were actually 5 banners originally but I had used one of them on a layout I created earlier in the month. )

In the end I created 2 very simple layouts that I love w/in a matter of minutes!
I'm not saying  I will never branch out and try different techniques or make more "complicated" layouts in the future, but at least I now feel less pressure to do so and less pressure means more fun!

BTW - I am entering the 2nd layout into the current challenge going on at "Scrap Your Story"
The challenge is to scrap a polaroid picture or use a polaroid embellie as an accent.
Go check it out!


  1. I love these! Simple is beautiful. Embrace your style - it makes such a difference in enjoying the process. :)

  2. even though I like some of the "new" type of layouts that have lots of embellishments--I am not a fan of the 1 picture layouts. Love how you incorporated 4 photos on the first layout...simple, yet a great layout that tells the story :D

  3. YAY for scrapping for fun and just letting go!! I love love love these! GREAT colors and loveeeeeeeee the designs!!

  4. Glad you are "feeling" it again! :) Great layouts!! :)

  5. These layouts are adorable!!! Great take on the challenge!! Thanks for joining us at SYS!!!

  6. Simple turned out beautiful! And way to use up some of your stash items. Thanks for joining us at Scrap Your Story this week.


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