Tuesday, July 2, 2013

07/02/13 - "Kelly"

This past weekend was super productive for me in the area of scrapbooking!
On Saturday I created 3 layouts and on Sunday I created 1.
JIC you can't keep up, that's 4 layouts in 1 weekend. ;0)
Definitely something I haven't been able to do in a while! Must be due to my new "simpler" approach to scrapbooking.
Also probably because I found this great sketch over at "My Scraps and More".
Here is their sketch:
And here is my layout:
Journaling: "Since our visit to the Sawdust Festival in July 2012, Madison has been
interested in sculpting. So much so that she asked for clay for Christmas of 2012.
In February of 2013, after practicing w/ playdough, Madison finally decided to sculpt
something.  Her choice? Her school's mascot: a koala. With the help of sculpting tools
and a little guidance from her Dad, Madison's version of "Kelly Koala" was born!
As you can see I stuck pretty close to the sketch; It was too awesome not too!
And the BG paper I choose really helped this layout along. For starters the colors of the paper match the colors in my pics perfectly: yellow, turquoise, and brown. And because it is so decorative by itself I didn't need a whole lot to "dress it up"; just a couple of small pieces of PPs, which happened to be leftovers,  a few self-adhesive buttons and a small title and done!
Oh, and let's not forget my favorite part: the BG paper had a great place to include my handwritten journaling and since that place had lines, like a piece of notebook paper, I was able to journal directly on the layout! Easy-Peasy! Whoo-hooo!!!!
I think I'm starting to like this scrapbooking hobby again!
BTW - funny story. You may have noticed my daughter has her tongue sticking out as she works on her sculpture... she actually does this everytime she concentrates really hard on a project she is working on.  This funny little trait was inherited from her father. When she was younger, I think around 5 she started doing this. David and I found it hilarious as we thought "What the heck?! That's hereditary?!?!"  Apparently it is! LOL!


  1. Great page and use of the sketch. Love the chevron!

  2. I stick my tongue out too when I concentrate, and it is indeed hereditary because my grandma, Mom, and son all do the same exact thing!

    Your page is great and her sculpture is beautiful! Tell her that I said she did an amazing job.

  3. My husband and son do that too! It's definitely hereditary!

  4. LOL!! That is funny about the tongue! I loveeeeeeeee your lo! LOVING the colors and the circle elements!!!

  5. Super cute LO, love the color combo! :)

  6. Very cute. Congrats on the super productive weekend!! :)


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