Thursday, June 20, 2013

06/20/13 - SIT Sketch #115

It's new sketch time over at "Sketches In Thyme"!
Whoot! Whoot!
Today's sketch is Sketch #115:
And here is my layout:
"4th Grade "
Journaling: Madison's 4th Grade school picture
Kelley Elementary
Sketches are a great way to jumpstart your creativity!
And you don't always have to follow the sketch exactly; just use it as inspiration.
Having said that, sometimes I look at sketches and the examples of layouts created based on those sketches and think..."that looks NOTHING like the sketch!".
Not to say that it's wrong, afterall, as I said above, sketches are to be used for inspiration.
Plus there are no rules to scrapbooking!
However, I sometimes think to myself "I wish I could see what parts of the sketch actually carried over to the layout."
It's a curiousity thing for me.
And a lot of times it's there, I just can't see it myself.
How 'bout you?
Do you feel the same?
Well, whatever your answer is,  I ask you another question: can you tell how I was inspired by the sketch?
If not, let me explain:
 >There was a spot for 6 pics. I only used 4 but filled up the remaiing space w/ a 4-blocked patterned paper to mimic the look of 6 pics.
> I used a banner at the bottom of the pics to take the place of the dotted line border at the bottom of the original sketch.
> Instead of a large scallop shape on the left, I included doodling around my banners (I left the one on the right off)
> The title placement is the same as the sketch although lower
> The hand written journaling is the same as the sketch, although a bit less
A little FYI:
I like to scrap multiples of the wallet pics that come in the school packages because I never give them away and then they just sit there. The reason I order the wallets in the first place is that the package choices never fit what I want and so I just order the package that's the closest.
I went really girly w/ the layout while still trying to keep true to  the school theme.
The "ABC" stencil PP, the composition paper journaling card, and the "learn" sticker all say "school", while the rest of the layout says "girly".
Overall I love the layout...just one thing that bothers me....I didn't realize how close to the edge I had stuck the composition journaling card! To me it ruins the whole balance of the layout! Ughhhh!
I hate when I make a silly mistake like that!
Next time I get a chance to scrap, I'm going to see if there is anyway to extend the layout slightly in order to make my mistake look a bit less awkward.

Well, perfect or not, please stop by the "Sketches In Thyme" blog and share your inspired creation w/ us!


  1. I really like it!! :) I have looked at sketches and interpretations and wondered how they got from A to B though. I thought you stuck close to the sketch, and I love how you gave notes. Very cool! :)

  2. I love love love your lo!! LOVING the colors and the banner!! I used to follow sketches to the 'T' ... but I have let loose for awhile now! :)

  3. Absolutely perfect, my dear! I just adore that wide, chevron, patterned paper and darling banner; and the way you've add a few, black, ink details really stands out! So pretty!

  4. Love it! I definitely saw the sketch in your LO before reading your explanation, but I have seen many LOs where I can't begin to figure out how they got where they did from a sketch.

  5. I can totally tell that you followed the sketch. The photo size and placement is very reminiscent of the sketch. Really gorgeous layout!


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