Tuesday, June 18, 2013

06/18/13 - Layout: "Corn Dog"

I scrapped this past weekend!
I created 3 layouts: 2 for Design Team challenges and one random one just for fun.
This brings my layout total for this year up to 63.
I'm just a little over half-way to my goal!

I'll be sharing the DT layouts later, but today I'm sharing my "random" layout:
"Corn Dog"
Various journaling: "Yummy!", "My favorite fair food - Doreen",
"Date Festival, 2/23/13, Riverside County"

My favorite food at the fair is the corn dog! They have been my favorite since I was a child.
I can't really explain why...I just think they are so tasty!
So when we visited the Date Festival in February, the first thing I did is eat a corn dog!
My kids and hubby got one too and as we were waiting in line for our order, I just had to take a picture of the golden delicious stacks of corn dogs in the window.
I also got a picture of my daughter eating hers.
Doesn't she make it look so yummy?!
If I had thought a little more about it I would have gotten a picture of ME eating it, after all it's MY favorite food, not hers!
But I didn't...
Must have been all that deliciousness that distracted me!
Either way, I captured the moment and made sure that when I journaled about it, I included my name so that all future generations know who this layout is really about!
The layout is a mix of colors and patterns to help capture the fun of the fair!
It was a lot of fun to create as well as I kinda just threw it together! Not a whole lot of thinking on my part, just the creative juices flowing w/ my scrap supplies!
I also mixed old and new product.
I just received a new Scrapbook.com kit and I used that w/ some old items: scraps and leftovers, to create my page.
My favorite part is the washi tape strips! Because they are chevron patterned I was able to create a banner-like shape by following the chevron design w/ my scissors!
It felt great to create again and for it to be fun!
And BTW, if you're wondering, corn dogs must always be eaten w/ mustard, not ketchup!
If there is no mustard around, then plain, cuz I do not like ketchup! Ewwww!


  1. I love love love this!! LOVING the colors and the circles! And corn dogs is the one food I have never really liked! LOL!! Don't hate :)

  2. GREAT layout!! :) We have a tradition that we go to opening night of our state fair each fall, and bee-line to the Pancho Dog booth. It's a big corndog but the batter is sweet. SOOOOOOO good!! And, I love to eat corn dogs dipped in cheese sauce. Or ketchup. I hate mustard, and always eat ketchup on hotdogs. But warm, gooey cheese is the best! :)

    1. Mmmm...w/ cheese?!? That sounds so good! The Cheese Dogs at Hot Dog on a Stick are really yummy but never thought to dip my corn dog in cheese! Definitely something to try in the future!

  3. Such a fun LO! I love that you took a picture of the tray of corn dogs. That would have been enough for me not to order one - I like them freshly made or not at all. And when I do eat them, I eat them plain. Not a mustard fan at all. You definitely need a future LO with you eating a corndog.

  4. I'm with you. Ketchup on corn dogs is gross! Mustard is mucho better. Such a fun layout Doreen!


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