Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/13/12 - SIT Sketch #96

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Today I'm sharing with you the newest sketch up at "Sketches in Thyme".
We have 3 sketches a month: 
 > sketch 1 is "interpreted" by Team A
 > sketch 2 is "interpreted" by Team B
 > sketch 3 is "interpreted" by both teams

I am on Team A and as this is the second sketch of the month I'm technically not assigned to it, but it just happened to be the perfect sketch for a pic I wanted to scrap. Love when that happens!

Here is the sketch:


And here is my take:

"Soft Kitty..."
How many of you are "The Big Bang Theory" fans?
Well, those of you who are will recognize the "journaling" underneath the pic. It's the lyrics to the "Soft Kitty" song Sheldon likes to have sung to him when he is sick. I love the show and the song is cute! I'd seen the images, such as the one I used with the lyrics and kitty pic, on the internet before so when it came to scrapping another cute pic of our kitty I thought it the perfect "embellie"! I googled "soft kitty lyrics" and choose "images" and a plethora of options came up. I chose my favorite and printed it on cardstock and then cut it out and wha-lah, the perfect accent for my page! (And doesn't that kitty look a lot like mine?!)
I love the internet! For a scrapper it opens up a whole new world of product. If you can't find an image for your project in a can usually find it online. This is the 3rd time I've tried this technique and I'm always happy with the end result!
As you can see other than the pic and my homemade embellie I only added a few bits and pieces to the layout to finish it off. Sometimes you don't need much to make a cute layout!
Oh, also, I used the scraps from my last SIT sketch layout on this layout. The  large teal strip of paper is a leftover from the same 12x12 paper I used on the last layout and the strips of hexagon patterned paper going across the middle is the flip side of the scraps I had leftover from another 12x12 paper I used on my last layout. That is the fastest I have ever used my scraps!!

Now it's your turn!
Come visit SIT and show us what you can do!


  1. SUPER cute!! :) I've loved Big Bang Theory since it started, and even enjoy the reruns! :) This is an awesome page!

  2. I love that show! I was so bummed that Sheldon didn't sing it to Amy this past week when she was sick.

    Great layout--I like your interpretation!

  3. Cute!!! I love the background paper!!!!

  4. It's adorable! I like that you used the chevron for the background and the hexagons across to highlight the photo.

  5. I loveeeeeeeeeee the Big Bang Theory!!! We are huge fans! LOVING that you included the lyrics to the song!!!!!!

  6. love the sketch but love your take on it much better.


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