Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24/12 - Inspired layout

Who has 2 thumbs and scrapped last night?
This girl!!!
Okay, so that expression doesn't work very well w/ out the visual of me pointing to myself w/ my thumbs... but you get the idea!
Yes, I scrapped on a week night... such a rare occurance.

I have my daughter to thank for that!
After school she goes to my in-laws house until I get off work to pick her up (my hubby gets off work later than I do). Usually she does her homework, or as much as she can w/out my help. Generally there is still a lot of it to do when we get home along w/ making dinner cleaning up and getting things ready for the next day. Mind you I have to do this all w/ in a 3 hour time frame because I get home around 6 and she goes to bed at 9. Many times she winds up going to bed late :0(  Well, last night when I picked her up, my daughter got in the car and said, "I have good news and bad news". 
Geeze not the first thing you want to hear, right? So I said "Okay, hit me w/ the bad news first."  She said, "I didn't finish my math"... this elicited a ::groan:: from me.  "Okay, what's the good news?", I asked.  She said "I didn't want us to be up all night doing homework so I did my 1 hour of reading and wrote my just have to correct it".  I don't think I ever felt so happy, LOL!  Okay, I have but you get the idea. 
So last night as she was doing her math, with a little help from me, I was scrapping!
See the math she needed help w/ was word problems. She has trouble understanding what math she's supposed to do.  I think we all did! Shoot I still do sometimes!  But once she knows what to do she is fine w/ actually completing the math. Which is good cuz that part is beyond me:  multiply fractions and mixed numbers?!? Are you "cray-cray"?!?

Anyway onto my layout!
First I have to let you know that I was inspired to create this layout from a fellow scrappy friend.
You may actually know her: Julie Tuker-Wolek.
She recently had a post on her blog about using 6x6 pads of paper.
Here is the post:

When I read and saw what she did I was immediately inspired!
I remembered having a paper pack from back in the day when I first started scrapping...I don't even think my daughter was born yet, that's how old it is!!! I loved it when I bought it but I don't think I ever made anything w/ it...LOL! Actually, that's bad!
So last night I dug it out.  But, my paper pack was 8x8 not the 6x6 I thought it was so I couldn't do what Julie did.  BUMMER!  But I was still inspired and determined to use that pad of paper in someway.

Here is a pic of the pad of paper:

So totally "old school", right?
And here is the layout:


Everything on here, except for the thread and BG paper is from that pad. Altogether I used 10 items from the pad to make this layout (I count the title as 1 item even though it's 4 letters).  Not bad for supplies that have been in my stash for approximately 10 years!
And it reminds me of the old school style of scrapping too! I remember when all my layouts used to look like that, LOL!
I had a good time making this layout and felt accomplished for using up some more old supply!
Thanks Julie!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Great layout!! I have collected so many 6x6 pads in the last few months. Of course, I never know what I'm going to do with them, but feel like I *need* them, LOL!!

    OK, didn't see an email. Feel free to email me at for the Hal Sparks story! :)

    1. I just found your message this morning - it went to the spam folder-yikes! All fixed, and I'm about to write you!!!

  2. Totally old school! Doesn't it feel great to use up really old supplies?!

  3. Awwwwwwwww you are so SWEET to mention my post and be inspired by me!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I love love love love what you did with your 8x8 papers!!! Those photos are adorable and you added great layers using those!! :) And how awesome that she did part of her homework to help out your time together!! LOVE THAT!!!!!!


Thanks for all your comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!