Monday, October 22, 2012

10/22/12 - Weekend Highlights

It's Monday...the start of another week.
This week is not just any week though, it's my birthday week!
My birthday is this Friday and for the past 3 weeks I have been struggling w/ how I feel about that.
I flip flop between the excitement equal to that of a little kid, to sadness that I'm another year older, to thankfulness that I survived another year, to... who cares, it's just another day.
Right now I'm in the "whoo-hoo" phase! That's because I know that this week I have two fun outings to look forward to:
On Wednesday night, me the hubs and the kiddos are going to see "Dralion", a Cirque DeSoliel show and on Friday me and the hubs are going to LA to see "Va Va La Voom" a wrestling/burlesque show.
We've been to Cirque and Va Va La Voom shows in the past and they've always been a good time so I am definitely looking forward to them!
Oh! I almost forgot what this post was supposed to be about: my weekend!
Well, not a whole lot happened this weekend.
It was kinda quiet actually, which is nice sometimes.
We did some more Halloween shopping:
  • costumes for my husbands crazy clown display that he will have up in the front yard this year and
  • more candy because some people in my house have been sneaking some out of the bags that were not supposed to be open until Halloween  ::ahem:: David, Madison and Joseph...
Yup, like I said, pretty quiet.
I do have one piece of exciting news though...
I was selected to be on the Design Team for "Sketches in Thyme"!!!
Yay me!
I have been on their team in the past and it was really fun, but unfortunately I had to cut my time short because of some issues that popped up in my life.  I'm so happy I have another opportunity to be a part of their team!!!
My term starts in November so be ready to see a lot of fun sketches posted up on my blog!!!
I also scrapped this weekend.
I created 3 layouts:

One I shared Saturday and these 2:

"Halloween 2009"

Both are lifts of layouts from fellow members.

There is a lot of great inspiration on that site!!!
Oh and one more thing... I went to Target last night and I was looking for something to use to be the "home" for my instagram pics. I mentioned last week I wanted to print them out and maybe scrap them but I wasn't sure what direction to go in: layouts or Smash book.. and I stumbled across a this on clearance:

Regularly $12.99 on clearance for $9.08.
Only this style was on clearance,  I don't know why, but figure it was meant to be so I scooped it up! 
Now I just need to figure out the best way to print my pics and I should be good to go!
Well, thanks once again for stopping by and reading my ramblings!
Have a great Monday!


  1. You'll LOVE Dralion! That was the first Cirque show my husband and I saw together. Enjoy! Congrats on the DT!!

  2. How awesome!! :) We've been to several CDS shows, and hoping to get tickets to one right around Christmas here. Awesome layouts!! :)

    And EARLY Happy Birthday!! :) I believe in celebrating all you can!

  3. Oooooooh, I love birthday week! I've been stalking the scrapbook aisle at Target waiting for more Smash stuff to go on clearance, looks like I need to look again.

    Great pages and CONGRATS!!

  4. Congrats on the DT! Happy Birthday too! Sounds like you will have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

  5. Ohhhhhhhh I love love love Cirque shows!! how fun!! I love love love your lo's! GORGEOUS!!!!!


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