Saturday, October 29, 2016

10/29/16 - October "Round Robin" Challenge

Good Evening (it's 6:21 PM here)!
Today I am sharing w/ you my creation for the "October Round Robin" challenge.
Here is a brief explanation of the challenge:
"There are teams of 4 people, one person for each week, similar to a relay race. The person assigned for week 1 in each group will start their team off with a layout depending on what the specs and twist will be. Then the following week, everyone assigned to week 2 will lift off their week 1 team member and so on. It's fun to see how a lift progresses from the first week to the fourth."
I was the 3rd on my team.

In order to get an idea of what inspired my layout I will share the proceeding layouts as well.
The first 3 images were NOT created by me:
Starting Inspiration:
Twist for the players = "Include in your embellies some kind of a critter."
Week #1:
Week #2:
My layout (includes twist):
"The Birds"
Journaling: "I look out my kitchen window and see this...
Panini and Hamlet both love this corner of our yard but for different reasons:
Panini because she loves catching/eating the birds that stop by for food
and Hamlet because he loves eating the food the birds drop. 10/16/16"
Here's a close up of the photo:
Since the photo was taken from inside my house, through a window, far away from where Panini and Hamlet were, it's a bit blurry but it is such a common part of our every day life I wanted to scrap it.
Not all photos will be perfect but that doesn't mean they aren't "scrapbook" worthy!
Also heavily inspired by the following challenges:
>Use your Stamps
I stamped the cat and pig (in the circles)
*NO TWIST* - No twist given

>Movie Challenge - Use a movie as inspiration
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using a Horror Movie as inspiration -
I used Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"

Included in the following Challenges:

>Use Your Stickers
I used 12
- Alphas (8)
- American Crafts "tape" pieces (3)
- Self adhesive burlap ribbon

Everything on here is Hoarded, over a year old, except for the burlap bow
Some all the way back to 2013 or older!

>Use Your Scraps
I used 2
- The beige circles
- The large orange strip



  1. Love love love this! LOVING that photo and the story behind it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great layout! I love seeing the progression from the original inspiration. And any layout featuring Hamlet is automatically awesome.

  3. Such a cute layout!! lOVE the colors!!

  4. Love the cute stamps! Great layout! The title is perfect :D


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