Thursday, November 3, 2016

11/03/16 - Snout Sunday: Popcorn Edition

My example for 1 of 3 challenges I'm hosting in November over at
The "November Food Challenge" .
Includes Twist of: "One of your photos must have at least 1 animal in it "
This is our piggy Hamlet eating popcorn.
"Snout Sunday: Popcorn Edition"
"Happy Snout Sunday! Wait, does this count since you can't see Hamlet's snout?
Finishing off Grampy's popcorn from Target, yummy! 12.27.15"

"Snout Sunday" is a popular hash tag on Instagram usually used for, but not limited to,  photos of people's pet pigs.


Since I created this in October I also entered it in the following October challenges:

I used 6
-black heart
-red heart
-"You are Loved"
-white label for journaling

2 items:
-BG paper
*INCLUDES TWIST of using busy BG paper*

>Scrap With Your Scraps
1 scrap:
-The number PP


  1. Love the layout. Cute little piggy :D

  2. This is so cute! What a great capture of him eating his popcorn!

  3. I loveeeeeeee this! Such a cute photo and loving the hearts!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love it! I'd say it counts for Snout Sunday, but I could easily see mistaking him for a dog in this photo.


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