Thursday, June 22, 2017

06/22/17 - "22"

My son Joseph just celebrated his 22nd birthday on 6/14.
I'm impressed that I already have the layout done, especially since I still haven't done anything w/ daughter's birthday photos from January!
To be fair, I took a lot more photos of her birthday and I'm a Single-Page layout kinda scrapper.
Anyway here is the layout for Joseph's Birthday:

"-Lunch Buffet at El Torito w/ David *(complete w/ Margarita!)*
-Cupcakes instead of a cake, as requested (Double Chocolate Devotion Ice Cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery)
-A "Happy Birthday" candy bar w/ a $100 bill attached (though it took you a while to notice!)
-Dinner out w/ a friend
Happy 22nd Birthday!

*Need to go back and add this bit of journaling*

This layout is nothing fancy...
I just wanted to achieve 2 goals: use all 4 of these photos on 1 layout and finally use that "Me & My Big Ideas" Party PP that I've had in my stash so long it's actually worn out looking IRL, LOL

Created mainly for the following June Challenges:

Includes both twists:
1) Birthday
2) Summer (my son's B-day is in Summer)

>National _______ Day
Inspired by June 7th - National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Those cupcakes are Double Chocolate ice cream cupcakes
*Fun fact: Whenever I do a Birthday Layout I usually journal in a list format.
It just seems easier to fit all the highlights of the day that way.
Anybody else do this?

Also for the following June Challenges:
12 items
-BG paper
-Number Stickers (6)
- PL Cards (2)
- (Larger) Star
- Large Green Circle
- Button

15 Stickers
-Numbers (6)
-Stars (4)
-Words/Phrases (3)
-Date Label


  1. Looks great! And I'm super impressed that you're scrapping an event that just happened. My goal is always not to be lapped by the previous year's event, but I am looking at quite a few instances on the to-be-scrapped list where I've failed. Sigh.

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING those photos and I like the way you journaled this! Even though people comment that I seem to journal a lot, it is a struggle to try and remember to do it! LOL!!!

  3. Great the list journaling!


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