Monday, January 30, 2017

01/30/17 - Why Do You Blog?

Good Morning!
I've been thinking a lot about my blog... about the point of it.
I do enjoy posting my layouts and telling my stories, about the layout and otherwise, but feel like I am mostly talking to myself...
(No offense to those who actually read and comment on my blog.)
Which is fine for the most part...
But I do already do that on; basically sharing the same layouts and stories I share here.
The only real reason to have a blog would be because having a Blog is part of the criteria of being on a Design Team.
BTW - I share my Design Team creations on also.
So I'm debating cutting down on my blog posts to only posts that are Design Team related.
I'm not sure though...
Other than those that have an actual business, I wonder why others blog?
I would love to know your reasons.
In the meantime, because I don't like posts w/ no photos, here is a layout I created this past Weekend:
"1st Cell @14"
"You've wanted a cell phone since Jr High but we thought you were too young. But now you're
older, and about to enter High School so we decided it was time... July 24th, 2016"
(6 months before her 15th birthday)

For the following January Challenges:

>Musical Inspiration Challenge
The song that was chosen for me was "Safe Inside"
I used the lyric "now you're older" in my journaling.
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using a new tool or item: the "hello" banner is new, came in my most recent Scrapbook Circle kit.

>Sticker Challenge
28 Stickers
-Alphas (17)  -Stars (2)
-"#Smile"      -"call me"
-"capture"      -"awesome"
-"today"         -"hi"
-"LOL" (3)

11 items
-Alphas that spell out "text me!" (7)
-"I Love My Teen"     -"OMG"
-"The Life of a Teenager"
-"Call me"
*INCLUDES ONE of the TWISTS* - Use an item that is only about a week old: the "Hello" banner is about a week old.

>National _____ Day
Inspired by January 13th - "Make Your Dream Come True Day"
--- We actually made our daughter's dream come true; the dream of having a cell phone!


  1. I am glad I am not the only one who is having the thought "why blog". I have only posted twice this month. I am sure once I find the happy balance in creating for me and doing my Etsy shop I will be able to blog more often.

  2. I have a LOT of family members in various states that check in daily, so that's one of the main reasons I keep it up! I loveeeeeeeee your page! So FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I blogged for years before making it a business. I did it because it was the best place to share my stories and projects. Even though I shared everything on, I didn't have control over it. If they shut down, it goes away. With my own blog, I know it isn't just going to vanish one night. It's such a good way to stay connected with friends and family all over the globe, and one that doesn't require them to visit a 3rd party location.

  4. I love reading your blog posts. I guess I would just have to stalk you on if you stop posting hahaha.

    I often wonder why I blog, as well. I know I will never become a business or a "celebrity" haha...but one can only hope--just kidding. There are times I am like "ugh, I am just going to stop". But then other times I am like "I want to blog more". I guess I just blog for myself and if my few followers comment, I am happy. I don't share on or anywhere else (well if you don't count Instagram), so my blog is where I can explain my process or why I came up with a layout or mini album. I have started embracing my videos to show more of the details and thought process which I didn't think I would like because I hate my voice hahaha :) In my mind, I hope I will help others use their older products, but the Leo in me just likes to show off my layouts/albums some times :D

  5. oh and I love this layout!

    My kids got basic cellphones in 6th and 7th grade only because they walked home alone after school. They didn't get smartphones until they were 17 and 18 :) So I love when parents are cautious of not following the "Joneses" :D

  6. First off love the layout its screams fun and all her emotions! Second I love love her hair. I always say I'm just going to chop off my hair and I never do... too chicken I guess! Somehow I think it hides my love handles lol. Lastly I always question why I blog too! I don't have a big following and I don't blog on a schedule. I guess I would have to say I blog so that my creativity has a place on the world wide web!


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