Monday, December 19, 2016

12/19/16 MIM #77

I'm late!
I hate to admit it but I screwed up December's Design Team projects!
I got confused and I did the 2nd sketch for the month first instead of the 1st sketch.
This means I wasn't able to post anything for the reveal on 12/02/16.
Last Monday's post, 12/12/16, was for the second sketch of the month, but since I really love the first one also, and even though the reveal has already happened, I decided to create a layout w/ the sketch anyway!
I'm sharing it w/ you today.
First the sketch:
  MIM #77:
I created my layout w/ a flipped version of the sketch so let me share that w/ you so you have a visual: 
And now here's my layout:
"(Christmas) Faves"
Journaling: "Christmas Favorites:
Song: "Last Christmas" by Wham - Movie: "Elf"
December 2016"
The layout was also heavily inspired by the following December Challenges:
>National _____ Day
--- 1 of 3 challenges I'm hosting ---
Inspired by December 18th "Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day"
*NO TWIST* None given
>Music Challenge - Category 3: Artist
I chose Wham
The name "Wham" is in the top photo and I used it in my journaling.
-I used a self-adhesive gold bow embellishment

>Movie Challenge
*INCLUDES TWIST"* of using a Christmas movie
-I used "Elf"
Even though I'm late, the challenge is still up and you have until December 31st to play, so please go check it out: The Memory Nest.
Also including in the following December Challenges:

>Sticker Challenge
Used 12
-Alphas (5)
-Snowflakes (3)
-Self-adhesive bow
-Word stickers (2) - "remember" and "enjoy"
-File Label/Journaling
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using stickers off of 3 different
- I used stickers off of 5 different sheets

>Scrap W/ Your Scraps
I used 1
The green paper peeking out from behind the photos

-BG paper, Snowflakes (4), Alphas (5), Word Stickers (2)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using 12 Hoarded items


  1. Heheheh ... the 2nd best Christmas movie! LOL!!! :) I loveeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Smiling is my Favorite! Especially when I see to tell my husband "you're an angry elf" hahaha

    Love your layout and your favorites...I LOVE Wham! 80's were the best time for could hear the words...not understand the meaning, but they weren't mumbling like today's music! hahaha :D

  3. LOVE your layout! Super cool how you turned what was intended as one vertical photo with a paper strip behind it into a horizontal with a vertical with an accent behind. You have just the right amount of embellishments and it's perfectly balanced. Seriously love this!


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