Thursday, November 10, 2016

11/10/16 - "What's My Age Again?"

So I recently had a Birthday; my 41st.
Nothing exciting...
Definitely nothing like last year when I spent my birthday in Spain!
But it was a happy birthday nonetheless.
Here is a layout I created to capture the day.
It was created for the November Music Challenge over at
Category #2 - Song Title.
I used a Blink 182 song as the title for my layout:
"What's My Age Again?"
Two sets of journaling; one for each photo -

Photo on left:
"Today I turned 41... Instead of being sad that I am another year older, I took the time
to really appreciate my life and all that I have:
An amazing husband, 2 wonderful children, 3 adorable fur-babies, a nice home, a job that
allows me a comfortable lifestyle, food and clothing, and the feeling of being truly loved!
Having all those things is the best present I could ever receive.
I'm truly happy and looking forward to what this next year brings me."

Photo on right:
"Tagged on IG for a "Stop, Drop, and Selfie".
The lighting is bad but this is where I "stopped and dropped" at the end of
my first day as a 41-year-old!
I'm tired, completely "food-wasted"... but happy!
My birthday was on a Thursday.
I went to work as usual and then spent the evening w/ my husband at our local town's Market Night where I proceeded to get "Food Wasted".
I did have a birthday shot - Kahlua + Cake flavored Vodka - before hand so I was a little bit "wasted-wasted" too... LOL!
Also entered in the following November Challenges:
>Sticker Challenge
I used 21
-Alphas (17)
-party hat

>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
The 2 PPs (not the BG paper) and the white paper

Everything except the BG paper goes back to 2013/2014



  1. Love love love this! LOVING those photos and the birthday goodies you used on here!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great layout...I so need to try that shot though! :)

  3. Super fun and love your very honest journaling!

  4. Great journaling and such a happy page! May 41 be your best year so far!


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