Friday, February 12, 2016

02/12/16 - Art Journal Pages

Hello, Hello!
Just stopping by really quick-like to share some art journal pages.
Below each image is the IG link in case you want to see it there too (the descriptions there are slightly different so might be worth your time...or not, LOL)!
On my IG account I include the link to my blog as well.
That's something I have to get used to; posting in 2 places.
It's weird and a bit difficult to have  people visiting you from two different areas.
I almost feel like if I don't write enough at either place I'm not giving people enough of the story behind what I do and why...
Any tips on that would be appreciated!
Anyway, here goes!
The first 2 were inspired by Get Messy and their "Season of Happy".
The first one follows a Get Messy prompt: 
The prompt was to create "a single line drawing of your happy place".
Although it's not a true replica of my home, it is a drawing of a house... and my house/home is "My Happy Place".
BTW - if you have never tried a "single-line drawing"  I urge you to!
It's more difficult than it sounds!
Used up some old scrapbooking supplies too!
I think the Art Journaling is really going to help me get rid of some of my stash!

This second one is inspired by Get Messy but not by a prompt.
It's just a funny quote that I saw online that has to do w/ "Happiness" which fits in perfect w/ the current Get Messy "Season".

IG Link to both pages above: Home and Money
This one has nothing to do w/ Get Messy; it was just one I felt like making upon my return from Vegas. A way of getting out a bit of my frustration so I didn't dwell on it. 
It worked! I felt much better after!

That's it for this week!

Oh, BTW - I joined the "Get Messy Habit" aka "GMH", group that is within the "Get Messy" group.
To be part of the "GMH" you must commit to create at least 1 art journal page a week and post it on the day you designate. I am choosing Fridays; that is why I am sharing today.
If you want to see my first "GMH" post, that I posted last Friday, click on this link: GMH Fridays


  1. Loveeeeeeeeee these! And loving that MONEY Meme ... HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love them! My favorite part is the stacks of quarters. Super cool. My house is my happy place, too. :D

  3. What a fun way to express your art :)

  4. Great pages! Love the one with the funny ecards quote! :)


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