Monday, October 5, 2015

10/05/15 -"Um Guys?"

Happy Monday!!!
I had a very busy weekend... but I made myself find time to scrapbook!
I guess that's just what I'm going to have to do...although before it wasn't JUST about time, it was also about lack of inspiration.
Now that I'm feeling that I may have my "mojo" back, I will make myself "schedule" some creative time each week.
My husband is very supportive of it and had recently (about a month ago) asked me why I "don't scrapbook anymore?" I didn't even realized he noticed!
So w/ his support and my itching to create, I gave myself a 2 hour window to scrap yesterday evening.
It took me most of that 2 hours to figure out what photos I was going to scrap and how (don't you just hate that)!  But eventually it came together (click on image to enlarge):
"Um Guys?"
Journaling reads: "Whenever I look at these photos, especially the 2nd one, I always imagine Panini has something to say to us about us getting a pig. 7.24.15"
For those who do not follow me on Instagram, let me share some background info:
This is our cat Panini and our (daughter's) pet mini-potbelly pig Hamlet.
We got Hamlet in May at 12 weeks old so this photo is after 2 months of him growing.

This is the first time I have ever scrapped Hamlet but plan to do so a lot more in the future! 
I created this for the "October Scrap Your Pet Challenge" over at
I did not include the twist of torn paper.
I didn't mean to exclude the twist, it's just sometimes I forget about it until after I'm finished w/ my layout. Some twists are easy to add in after the fact, some not-so-much.

I also challenged myself: I had the BG paper in my stash for quite a while now (about a year and 1/2) and had no idea what to do w/ it... I finally forced myself to figure it out!
So 2 challenges met and, most importantly, another layout created! Whoo-hoo!


  1. Love it!! yay for getting your crafting mojo back :)

  2. I didn't know about Hamlet! This layout is AWESOME. I seriously cannot wait to see more pig pages. You'll have to do a FAQ type of post about life with a house pig, like I've done with our house rabbit. I'd love to learn more!

  3. Cute page!! Glad to see you created a layout!!

  4. So glad you're back! You are cheerful and upbeat, it's fun when you're around and hey this filled my challenge at this month!!!! So nice! How big is that pg going to get??!!!

    1. Hi Marci!
      Thanks, you're so sweet!
      He's not supposed to get any bigger than (approximately) 60 pounds... but we'll see....

  5. Sooooooooo cute!!! I loveeeeeee those photos!!!!!!!

  6. so fun! I loved reading your post! shoot it gout me excited to scrapbook!
    trust me I have to force myself to sit and scrapbook too! I can't imagine taking care of that lil piggy!


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