Wednesday, July 1, 2015

07/01/15 - Blog Changes

I don't blog very much any more.
I guess I got burned out...
Or maybe it's because the reason I created my blog, my scrapbooking, doesn't exist any more...
I haven't given up, I just haven't made time for it.
Making time to do the things you love is important, but right now the things I love include reading and watching Netflix, LOL!
(Of course, this is besides my husband, children, and fur-babies)
Which isn't to say I don't love art any more.
As a matter-of-fact I've been itching to get back into it, but w/ The Reading Challenge taking up all my free time I haven't actually gotten around to being creative.
It's not a bad thing though, I mean, not really...
I am enjoying The Reading Challenge! Especially since I know others who are doing it and since there is a hash tag of it on IG that I can check out whenever I want to look for inspiration or just share in the camaraderie.
That brings me to this post...
I made a few changes to my blog that may or may not help make blogging more of a desire now.
     For one I changed the name:
It used to be  "A Day in Doreena's Life" but then I realized, ummmm... yeah, I hardly blog about "days" in my life! So, for now at least, I have changed the name to "Doreena's Place". Not very original and I don't exactly like it because it's "boring" (to me)... but until I think of something better, it will do!
    Another change, my blog description:
Although I am still "loving life and living it to the fullest" I wanted to include something more geared to what people would be reading about on my blog. I changed it to "art, books, and randomness". Most of my posts in the past have been art related and since I've been posting a lot more about books, and plan to continue to do so, I thought it was more fitting and more precise. Especially for those who do "Google" searches for things they want to read about. The "randomness" part is just because I don't want to lock myself into only art and books!

Minor changes but I'm hoping they help me get back into my love of blogging!
This may continue to change over time as I try to find my niche.
Oh, and if you have any suggestions for the title of my blog, I want to hear them!!! I would like to keep my name it though, if possible, but I'm open to anything!

BTW - I have an upcoming post regarding my progress on The Reading Challenge...
I just need to finish the 2 books I am currently reading before I do so!


  1. Glad to see you blogging. I've enjoyed your updates about The Reading Challenge and look forward to seeing more of your art eventually. :)

  2. Hi Doreen! I too feel like my intrest went else where than scrapbooking or journaling. I think it's ok for us bloggers to take time and regroup. I know I do. I am blogging for fun so hopefully I don't let mey readers down but I also don't want to bore them with stuff just to blog. Anyhow sorry i'm getting off topic. I want to say I will continue to fiollow you and am happy to read anythjign you put out there because it makes me feel like I know you more. My internet friend :)

  3. I enjoy your book reviews as much as I enjoyed seeing your art. Good luck finding your niche in the blogosphere :D

  4. Loving the changes!!! And can't wait to see what your post about the book challenge consist of!!!!


Thanks for all your comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!