Sunday, January 18, 2015

01/18/15 - "Pippin"

I finally did a layout!
17 days into the New Year and I managed to be creative!
'Yay me'!
And...I think I like it! Actually I know I like it!
Double 'Yay me'!
Layout of when my husband and I went to see the musical "Pippin" in Vegas. Journaling comes from what I wrote when I posted the photos on Instagram, complete w/ hashtags (click on image to enlarge):
"No need to go to Broadway to watch a great Broadway Show! 11.30.14
#Pippin #PippinTheMusical #Vegas #TheSmithCenterForPerformingArts"
BTW - Alternate blog post titles were:
"1st Layout of 2015"
"Negative Space and Hashtags"
"Hashtags Are Journaling Too"
and my favorite:
"Pippin, Not to be Confused w/ Pimpin"


  1. Love it! Congrats on the first (awesome) layout of 2015. I've yet to scrap this year... I need to unbury my desk before that happens. And before that, I need to clear a path to the desk!

  2. Love love love this! LOVING the colors and the alternate titles! LOL!!!!!

  3. LOL!!! Love your alternate blog titles!!! And such a cute page, Doreen!!!

  4. Great layout. I gotta admit that I did read your title as pimpin' ahahahaha. :)

  5. Awesome layout!! I'm hoping to FINALLY get some creative time this weekend! I really need that artistic energy goodness happening! :)


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