Saturday, September 13, 2014

09/13/14 - One Direction Concert

The concert outing was a success!
We had such a great time, although since Madison is more low-key than I am, it appeared I had MORE fun! Hahahahaha!
Yup... I sang, I danced...I even screamed a little... ;0)
We had some really good seats: 7th row.
But the floor seats went so far back that our close seats seemed far! Bummer!
I felt bad for the people sitting way at the top in the "nose bleed" seats.
Oh, well that's what Jumbotrons are for!
As I said I screamed a little but it was nothing compared to the other screams we heard!
The screaming was crazy... but not unexpected.
I have been to a few concerts and, especially w/ boy bands, there is ALWAYS a lot of loud screaming!  I warned Madi about it before hand since this was her first concert.
She was amazed at some of the things that got "screams" though.
She understood the screaming when the acts came on...but there were lots of screams for the videos they showed on the jumbotron prior to the concert.
Here reaction was "it's just a video!" with a bit of an eye roll!
I agreed but I'm a lot older so that reaction would be expcted from me...coming from her, it was a surprise.
Thanks to this concert I am now aware of another new boy band,  5 Seconds of Summer,
and they were pretty good as well.
I see more CD buying in my future!
Here's a page I made of the event (click on the layout to enlarge):
"One Direction"
Journaling - 9.11.2014: Madi and I, and her BFF Emily, and Emily's mom, Sarah, went to
the Rose Bowl to see One Direction. The concert was part of their "Where We Are" Tour
and was Madison's first concert ever! The opening act was 5 Seconds of Summer; another fave.
We all had a great time!"

I found the set list for the night/for the tour online so I printed it and added it, along w/ one of our tickets, to the layout.
I was able to work on this quickly because I only took a few pictures of "us"...
But even then, I had to narrow it down to 3 of my faves so the layout wouldn't be too cluttered.
Part 2, the 2nd page, with pictures of the guys will be harder because I took a lot of pictures!
I still have to go thru them and see which ones actually came out good.
I'm thinking of the "100" or so pictures I took, only a dozen probably came out, good!
That's why I always take a bunch of pictures at events, in hopes that I capture a few really good ones!
I'm completely dreading the whole process of  sorting thru them, though!
I really should just get it over with but I assure you I will procrastinate! LOL!

Here's a few pictures that when I looked really quick, I happen to notice came out pretty good (click on the picture to enlarge):

The whole group:

 Madi's favorite: Niall
Maybe I should just print these out and delete all the rest to save me the stress!

Madison was a cheap date.
She didn't want anything to eat or drink and when I suggested that she at least get the concert program as a souvenier,  she agreed, and then when I told her she could get at least one more thing, anything, she didn't want anything else!
Shoot if my parents had said that to me, I would have jumped all over that opportunity! Hahahaha!
I'm not complaining, though.

That's just a quick snippet of the event.
As I said, it was fun...but One Direction is nowhere near as good as my beloved New Kids on the Block!
Now those guys can put on a show!


  1. HA!!! I so would have bought more too! LOL!! I loveeeee your lo!! LOVING the photos!! Sounds like an awesome time!!!!!!

  2. Now I have "the Right Stuff" stuck in my head hahaha. Looks like you had a great time! How exciting for your daughter :)

  3. I'm glad you all had such a great time! So funny that Madi didn't take the opportunity to buy more. Looking forward to seeing page 2.

  4. Such a fun layout! Love the story about her not wanting more. I am with you! Looks like you had a blast!!


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