Friday, August 29, 2014

08/29/14 - Art Journaling

Hey there!
I just wanted to stop in and say "hi"
and show you what I've been up to.
As you know, I have had a lot less time to scrapbook...
Not a bad thing since my time has been taken up by other enjoyable activities, namely spending more quality time w/ David and the kids and taking care of them and our lives.
However, I admit I was missing the whole creative outlet that scrapping provided me.
The thing about scrapbooking is, as much fun as it is, it also requires a lot of work. Think about it, you have to think of at least a basic plan for the page, maybe even sketch it out, and dig through all your supplies and pull out what you need, and after making the page, however long that takes, you have to clean it all up.
Luckily I have a room mainly devoted to my scrap hobby so I don't HAVE to clean it up after, but I personally hate messes so I always do.
So what is a person to do when they want to be creative w/out all the work?
Art Journaling!
Yup I did it, I jumped on the art journaling bandwagon.
I know what you're thinking: "Oh okay, yeah another project she will never complete". I know because I thought it too, because let's face it I am "the Queen of Unfinished Projects"!
But that's the beauty in this...It's not a "project", it doesn't have any kind of deadline whats-so-ever! I just do it when the mood strikes and I have time. Sure my time is limited, but because it doesn't require a lot of prep or supplies, I can actually fit it in to my free time! Yay!
If you don't mind, I'd like to show you what I've done so far. 
And, if you do mind, well too bad... this is MY blog! Hahahahahahahaha!
(Click on images to enlarge)
Pg1 - "Simple Intro Page"
Pg2 - "About Me"
Pg 3 - "Groot"
(scanned a bit blurry)
(If I can get my hands on some additional colored sharpies I may go back and color him in)
 Pg 4 - "Belle"
Madison says she looks like a rabbit w/ it's ears down
I can't argue w/ that, LOL!

(I need to add the date)
Pg 5 -"Starbucks"
If you recall I tried the whole Smash Book thing.
I wanted to like it, I really, really did... but I found the fact that the pages were patterened limited my choices when it came to creating a page. I don't scrap in chronological order but I need any finished "books" I have to be in order and a lot of times the next patterned page in the book did not fit w/ anything that I had that would date-wise fit chronologically in the book! That set my OCD into high gear! Ughhh! I'm having anxiety just thinking about it, LOL! 
The other thing I didn't like about it was it felt way too much like scrapbooking! I was already scrapbooking... I didn't need to do it again somewhere else!
So I gave it up! 

I then came across Art Journaling on IG and I was immediately intriqued!
Blank pages and the ability to create what I wanted when I wanted without a deadline?!?
Sign me up please! 
I'm not sure all I'm going to include...
I'm definitely going to be doing my favorite things: writing and drawing (something I did a lot as a child and as a teenager), and I may do a little bit of scrapbooking, but on a much smaller scale...
but I am also hoping to expand and try new techniques.

I am really excited and loving it so far!
I received my art journal on Thursday 8/21 and a little over a week later I have already filled up 5 pages.
I don't know if I will be able to keep up the creative momentum but, whether this takes me a month or 10 years to complete, it will be something I know I can "finish" and that I will enjoy while I'm doing it!


  1. Very cool! Art journaling is great for a creative outlet and definitely much less 'work' than scrapbooking. There's something very freeing about just putting whatever on the page, not worrying about whether something is archival or whether it perfectly captures a moment for generations from now or whether this paper and that embellishment are worthy enough for a particular photo.

  2. Looks like you are having a lot of fun! Very cute book.

  3. These are FABULOUS!!!!!!! And we love Groot!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like your blog!! I also love to art journal! Could you please go check out my blog at

  5. Your baby Groot is super cute, that was one of my favourite parts of the movie too. Awesome pages x


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