Tuesday, August 5, 2014

08/05/14 - 1st Day

Hi there!
Well, yesterday was Madison's 1st day of school.
She is now in the 7th grade.
I say this every year, and every year I mean it...she is growing up way too fast!
Part of me is so happy to see her growing and thriving and becoming her own person and another part is like "stop it, slow the heck down!" LOL!
She is my baby so watching her grow is a little harder on me than watching my son grow, although that was pretty hard too!  Also, she's a girl and I think it's human nature to feel more protective of our daughters than our sons. I think for the most part we tend to feel the need to let our boys grow into men and to push them to leave the nest...whereas our daughters need to be held on to and protected just a little bit longer.
Well, maybe that's just me...
It was weird though not having a first day of school picture of Joseph this year, after 12 years of taking one!
I wasn't there to take Madison to school since I had to leave for work before she had to leave for school, so David took her picture. He sent it to me and the first things I thought were: "Wow, she looks so grown up and pretty!" and "I can't wait to scrap it!" Hahahahahahaha!
The problem is I did have to wait since I was at work.
But when I got home, while my husband was busy watching wrestling, I decided to see if I could come up w/ something.  My mojo has been coming and going so as excited as I was to scrap the picture, I wasn't sure I could come up w/ anything...or anything I actually liked!
But I did! And here it is!
"1st Day of  7th Grade"
I used a lot of old product on here...some of it over 5 years old!
What I am most excited about was that I used some of an old "Grade School" paper pack (BG PP and photo mat paper)! The reason I am excited is I have more than half of that pack leftover and I thought since both my kids were no longer in grade school, I would never use it again.  But I made it work for this layout! And I love the black title letter stickers... not only are they cute, but I only paid $1 for the pack! When letters are cheap like that, it makes me not feel so bad when I have leftovers, which I always do!
She had a successful day of school and I had a successful session of scrapping, so all in all, yesterday was a good day! Not bad for a Monday! 


  1. Very cute layout! That plaid background is so fun! :) She is such a lovely young lady, too! :)

  2. Brookie's first day of second grade is tomorrow ... it goes by wayyyyyy too fast :( I love love love love your lo!! She looks all grown up and loving the colors!!!!!!!

  3. What a great first day of school page! Love the colors and how quick you were to scrap it. Your daughter does look grown up. My kids go back to school at the end of the month. I always love first day of school pics. My daughter will be going into 6th grade and my son 4th.

  4. Super cute! Perfect supplies for the LO. She does look so grown up!


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