Wednesday, July 2, 2014

07/02/14 - CPC: Colorforms

Good Morning!
Just stopping by to share a Design Team creation.
But before I do so, a little bit of info.
As I mentioned in previous postings, I was a member of 4 Design Teams.
I also mentioned that I had to quit those DTs when I made some changes in my life; positive changes.
Although it made me sad to do so, I realized it was what my family and I needed.
I haven't regretted my decision, as my family is the most important thing in the world to me, but there are times I miss it.
Lucky for me, 1 of my Design Teams, "Child's Play Challenges", has allowed me to stay on in a "as you can contribute" status.
This is great for me, because it allows me to remain on the team w/out the pressure of having to contribute when I realistically can't.
I am a happy camper about that and send a special shout-out to my DT leaders Devra Adler Hunt and Steffanie Seiler!
You ladies are the greatest! ((HUGS))
Okay, with that being said, here is my first DT creation in over 4 months:
As I stated this is for "Child's Play Challenges"
The inspiration this time around?
"Good Times (Ethel Grey Factory)"
Journaling: "Joseph and Madi take pictures pictures w/ their M&M twins outside of the
Ethel Grey Chocolate Factory in Las Vegas, NV 3.17.14"

Since my break from scrapping 4 months ago I have only created 4 layouts.
I've noticed that my layouts so far have a minimalist feel to them. Because of that you may not see how I incorporated the inspiration piece into my layout...
Colorforms are like reusable stickers so I was inspired to use stickers on my layout: I used 5.
Also, the Colorforms in the picture example are shapes which inspired me to include arrow and triangle shaped stickers.
Thanks for stopping by!
Please take a moment to also stop by the CPC blog and check out the rest of the inspiring examples!


  1. That is perfect that they matched the colors of the M&M's! As always, I like your interpretation of the challenge :)

  2. I am loving this!!! LOVING the colors and the arrows!!!!!

  3. Lovely layout! Great colors. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Glad you enjoy my challenges on the blog. Happy to inspire you and if you have time hope you will play along and share. I totally understand making time for family!!!

  4. Adorable! And now I want Ethel M... And M&Ms... And a trip to Vegas...

  5. Hi Doreena!...good to see you! Glad things are going the LO!!!!

  6. That's so cute that they matched! :) I used to love to go there and get the "special" colored M&Ms, and now they have them at our grocery store! But it's still neat to always go by there for a quick treat! :) Love your layout! :)


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