Monday, January 13, 2014

01/13/14 - "Firsts" of 2014

Since January is the first month of the year and I have already had a few "firsts" I decided to devote a blog post to the subject.

1st Picture Taken
Packing Up Christmas 2013
1st Dinner Out
"Outback Steakhouse"

1st Picture of Panini
She was sitting on my lap

1st Outing (not dinner)
"The Lion King"

1st Hubby and Me Picture

1st Selfie 

1st Fun Purchase 
Kesha's Latest CD
Yes, my musical taste runs a bit young

1st Hair Length Shot 
Since one of my goals this year is to continue to grow out my hair
1st Starbucks Drink
a Caramel Latte Flan
1st Party
My Friend Dawn's B-day Party
(If you're wondering...yes I am short: 5'2", but also, everyone but me was wearing heels)
1st Movie
"The Hobbit II"
Speaking of lions and firsts...I watched my first Jean-ClaudeVan Damme movie...EVER!
(you'll understand the segue in a bit...)
David is a huge fan of Van Damme; has been since childhood! I, on the other hand, have never seen any of his movies. Something about "fighting" movies just doesn't appeal to me.   If you didn't know, Van Damme is working on a comeback and this has caused David a renewed interest in his movies. This  interest caused David to look thru our movie collection and he realized he didn't own any Van Damme movies!
Amazon to the rescue!
To make a long story short,  when one of the movies arrived David asked if I wanted to watch it. 
In the spirit of trying new things, I said "sure!" and so we watched it. BTW - David was very surprised by my answer.
I was surprised too! Surprised that I actually liked the movie! 
The title of the movie? "Lionheart".
See? I told you the segue would make sense! 
Next on my list: "Bloodsport"

Okay that's my lists of firsts for January, well actually for the year!
It was fun listing them!
Perhaps I will make a list like this again...


  1. Wow ... I can't believe he is trying to make a comeback ... lol ...I have heard that he hasn't aged well! LOL! I loveeeeee this post ... so fun to see all your firsts of the new year!!!!

  2. What a fun post topic Doreena! I absolutely love all of the photos. Your hair looks gorgeous. I think I've only seen one Van Damme movie, but I've seen all of the Rocky movies because my husband is obsessed with them. Those and Back To The Future movies... LOL


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