Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/26/13 - How to Handle an Introvert

If you have been following my blog, or know me in real life, you may know that I am a serious introvert!
Why do I bring this up?
Because the holidays are upon us and this is the worst time of year for us introverts!
The time when we are thrown into social situations when all we want to do is stay home and enjoy the peace!
I have been accused of being "snobbish", "rude", "mean", and another word that I probably shouldn't post on this blog, but it rhymes w/ "witch", because of this personality trait...and that truly makes me sad. :0(
Yes, I admit there are times when I can be one or all of those things, but for the most part I'm just really super uncomfortable around people and I have a tendency to retreat into myself in uncomfortable situations.
I don't have any friends... No seriously I don't! But not because people don't try to be my friend, because they do! It's because I can't handle the socializing needed to maintain friendships.
In fact 99% of the time I am invited out, I say "no". The thought of going out and having to participate in anything remotely social sends my anxiety through the roof!! Because of this I get invited out less and less. Does it make me sad? A little. But the sadness I feel not having "friends" is so much less then the anxiety of having to spend time w/ those "friends"!
Also I don't trust easily, having been burned one too many times in the past.
Another thing, I very much enjoy my "alone time" even when I'm in a place of comfort. I love my family and do spend time w/ them but I always get to a point where I NEED my alone time!
With that being said, I wanted to share an article I came across recently that does a great job of explaining what goes on in the mind of an introvert and how to handle one.
Maybe you have one in your life or will soon come across one...if so, hopefully this assists you in better understanding him/her.
Or maybe you are one and you will see yourself in this and, like I did, feel relieved that finally someone understands you!!!!
Whatever your situation, I hope you enjoy this!




  1. OMG!! You totally described me!! WOW!

  2. That is totally me! My aunt is always inviting me to book club or craft day with her friends, but I always say no. My husband is the total opposite and hangs out with his friends often and doesn't understand why I'd rather stay home. Because I don't want to be stuck to him the entire night because I am just not very social. (well unless you pour tons of alcohol in me then...I become that annoying person that does not shut up...which is probably worse ha ha ha)

    Nice to know there are others out there--the internet is the perfect setting for people like us--we can socialize without socializing :D

    1. OMG! Yes! That's why I love the net!
      BTW - you and I should totally hang out!
      We can sit on different sides of the room and ignore each other! Well, until we get some alcohol in us, then we will be BFFs! LOL!

  3. I had no idea you were an introvert! That doesn't come across on your blog. I tend to be introverted too, though not all the way to the far end of the spectrum. I like spending time with friends, but I need and want alone time too. In general, I don't believe in "the more, the merrier." To me, "the more, the more exhausting."

    1. A lot of people don't because despite my being an introvert I am naturally witty and funny. So when I do talk, I tend to make people laugh w/ out even trying! When I'm comfortable, or intoxicated, that part of me shines!! :0) But when I am not either of those two things, then I shut down...and that's when people think those negative things about me.
      Oh well, such is life!

  4. I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS!!!!!! I really would love to share this on my FB wall, it describes EXACTLY what I've been trying to explain to Josh (and his family of extroverts) for years!!!!


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