Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/21/13 - TBT

Hello there!
I realized that I have posted everyday this week so far which is unusual for me so I decided I should keep it up!
And since today is Throwback Thursday what better thing to post but an old picture of myself.
Here it is:

I took this picture at 7:34 this morning.
Does that count as "throwback"?
Actually this is the pic I wanted to share:

This picture was taken in September 2009 when we went to Hawaii.
It's one of my favorite pictures of me despite the fact that I was 20 pounds heavier and you can't see my face. I love the serenity I feel when I look at it. Which matches the serenity I felt while it was being taken.
Just this past weekend David and I were looking through our old vacation albums, reminiscing, and talking about how we need to take another big vacation.
The last one was in 2010 when we went on a Disney Cruise.
And because this is mostly a scrapbooking blog, I decided to share a layout I created back in  September 2009. Wasn't sure what I was going to find when I went to look for one but I found this little nugget:
"My Sleepy Heads"
Pictures of David and Joseph sleeping w/ our new "bundle of joy" Madison who was born a few days before the top picture was taken and about a month before the bottom picture was taken.
She's still a bundle but not so much of joy! LOL!
And my son was only 7 years old!
Wowzers time really flies!


  1. Gorgeous picture of you in Hawaii (and the 7:34 throwback)! And how fun to see the old layout. Your style hasn't changed that much in 4 years!

  2. how sweet. I love looking through my old photos and seeing how my kids have changed :)

  3. That's a beautiful photo of you! I can totally sense the calm and peace. I love the title work on your layout. It's super fun!

  4. Loving the photos of you (yes! both of them! LOL!!) and love love love your '09 lo!! Loving that title work!!!!


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