Thursday, October 3, 2013

10/03/13 - SIWAS: Album Cover Inspiration

Hello there!
Over at "Scrap it w/ a Song" we are doing something a bit different: instead of inspiring you w/ a song we are inspiring you w/ album art!
Here is the inspiration picture: 
And what I came up w/:
 "Happy Halloween"
Journaling: "There were 5 clowns in our yard. 3 were real 2 were
fake. Can you tell which was which?"
A couple of pictures of last Halloween. David had built two clown mannequins to add to the fun! He set them up in the yard so that when he, Madison, and Joseph, were standing around in their clown costumes it would appear to be a yard full of clowns!! BTW - if you think this is scary, wait until you see this years set-up! ;0)
I used an old sketch from "My Scraps and More" :
Also, I had fun pulling out a lot of old product to use on here! Everything on here is approximately 7 years old except for the yellow and white washi tape, which is approximately 3 years old, and the  black BG which is approximately 1 year old.
Hope you have a chance to stop by and share w/ us what you were inspired to create!
Remember you have until October 31st to complete this or any of our October challenges!


  1. Good job using up old product! I love doing that. And no, I can't tell which clowns are human!

  2. I'm so glad I don't live next door to you! I wouldn't be able to go outside after dark. SO scary! Shudder. Your layout is awesome though.

  3. I am soooooooooooo with Heather on this one! LOL!!! I couldn't handle all the clowns!!!!!!

  4. This is awesome! Clowns scare me! :)


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