Thursday, September 5, 2013

09/05/13 - SIWAS: "Good Morning Little School Girl"

I am here today to share w/ you the latest challenge going on over at "Scrap It W/ A Song".
The challenge song this week is "Good Morning Little School Girl" by the Yardbirds.
Not my kind of music but luckily you don't need to know or like the song in order to get inspired!
The title instantly inspired me to scrap a picture of my daughter on her first day of school this year:
"Day 1 of Jr High"
Journaling: "Madi shows off her casual style and a nervous smile on
her 1st day of Jr. High"
I stated that I scrapped "A" picture of her on her first day but what I should have said was I scrapped "THE ONLY" picture of her on her first day.  The older she gets the harder it is to get her to pose for a "first day of school" (FDofS) picture. I was lucky to get this one! Despite the struggle, I always want to get a FDofS picture, but on this particular day it was really important because it was her first day of Jr High! Yup, no more Elementary School for my Baby Girl! :'(

Speaking of important FDofS moments...this year my son is a Senior in High School!
That is a big deal for sure!
His last year before the dreaded "adulthood"! Yikes!
Since it fits w/ the theme of this blog post  I would like to share my layout of those pictures as well!
And yes, I said "pictures" as in plural...I have never had a problem getting him to take pictures! LOL!
(FYI - this layout was completed for a "Scraplift" challenge over at SB.Com.)

"1st Day of Senior Year"
I think this is the first year I scrapped both their FDofS pictures w/in a month of taking them!
Yay, me! Now to go back and take care of some of the rest of the years!!!
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to do so at the "SIWAS" blog as well!


  1. Great layouts! Wow - senior year. Have you taken pics of him every year? That would make such a cool LO with all 13 pics.

    1. Oh, yes I have! And a great idea for a page! But his pics started back in the day before digital so I don't know if I have copies of all his pictures...only originals and I don't want to mess w/ those!

  2. These are gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeeeeee the masking on the first one and loving the chevrons on the second one!!

  3. Such great moments to treasure, and you've scrapped them beautifully, Doreen! LOVE that spritzed burst on the first!

  4. Awesome layouts! And I agree with Cindy, what a cool idea to have a layout with all the FDoS pics! You could always take originals and have a reprint made, or scan it in and print from the kiosk. :) Great job! :)


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