Saturday, September 28, 2013

09/28/13 - "Cat Power Nap"

Hey there!
How's your weekend going?
Mine started yesterday and has been busy already! Lots of regular life things to take care of but also David and I are leaving to go to Vegas on Sunday so I am trying to take care of things like laundry, and packing! I ran around a lot yesterday but I was able to squeeze in some scrapping time!
I created this layout:
"Cat Power Nap"
It was created for 3 challenges:
#1 - The "Creative Scrappers" challenge, sketch # 251:
#2 - "Music" challenge - Category #2 - use an artist or group's name on your layout, twist = a female or all female group.
I had trouble w/ this category but happen to stumble across an artist named Cat Power and decided to add "Nap" to her name to use as my title.
#3 - "Four Categories" challenge - Category #1 - Product Brads. The challenge was to use at least 5 brads on your layout. The twist was to use 10, which I did!
This post is going to be short because I gots lot to do!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

09/19/13 - SIWAS: "Summer of '69"

There is a new challenge up over at "Scrap It With a Song".
Song this week = "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams.
I used the title of the song, w/ a bit of a twist, as my layout title. Also I was inspired to scrap a summer event.
 "July 4th Summer of 2013"
Journaling: "Besides the fireworks Madison's favorite part of Fourth of July is the
smoke bombs. She likes the weird way they smell and the way they shoot out
different colors of smoke. When she holds them in her hand she looks like she is
casting spells"
I love creating layouts but some layouts are just so much more fun to make! That was the case w/ this one!  I had fun using some old "fireworks" stencils I found in my stash that I have had for a couple of years but have never used before.  Part of the fun of the stencil is I got to color on my layout w/ markers; it's been a long time since I've done that! Also I used my new favorite "film strip" washi tape. Plus I love the white space that allowed room for my embellishments and journaling! In fact,  I have been on a "white paper" kick lately...I have used it in some way, usually in an obvious way, on my last 8 layouts!
Three pieces of trivia in relation to our family's celebration of Fourth of July:
1 > I have never scrapped a Fourth of July layout using Red, White, and Blue as the dominant colors.
2 > The reason for the above is that we rarely wear Red, White, and Blue when we celebrate the holiday.
3 > Most of my later pictures of Fourth of July do not have my son in them because he is usually in Ohio w/ his dad during that time.
Okie dokie!
It's your turn to show us how you were inspired!
Please stop by the "SIWAS" blog and share your creation!

Monday, September 16, 2013

09/16/13 - My Scrappy Weekend (9/14-9/15)

Happy Monday Bloggy Friends!
I was able to scrap this weekend and I made 4 layouts!
They were all for challenges: 4 were challenges and 1 was for a challenge and 2 blog challenges.
Here they are along w/ the challenge information:
#1 Scraplift Challenge.  This is the layout I lifted:

 "Sleeping With The Enemy"
Journaling: "When these 2 are awake they hate each what a funny sight to see them
sleeping together! We found them like this when we woke up. July 7, 2013
#2 "Four Categories" challenge: Category #4 - "School Themed" layout.
Includes the twist of using an apple on the layout.
"Jr Year"
(This one feels a bit unfinished though. I may go back and add a little something to it)
#3 "Four Categories" challenge: Category 3 - "Technique Challenge".
The challenge was to create your own handmade embellishment: I made the banner
under the picture out of twine, punched PP, and buttons. Also incudes the twist of using a
past "Four Categories" challenge technique: I chose misting.
 "Grade 4"
a) "Music Challenge" - Category #1: Use song lyrics on your layout.
I used lyrics to "Wild Thing"...which is kinda a joke because my husband rarely
drinks, so calling him a "wild thing" is me being silly. But he DOES make
my heart sing!
b)"Scrap Your Stash" blog Sketch Challenge including the mandatory twist of chipboard:
The heart piece is chipboard (along w/ stashed items: I have 5 items on here that were in my stash)
c) "Scrap Africa" blog challenge: use washi tape and twine. Washi tape runs vertical along
my pictures and the twine is wrapped around my photogram frame.
"You Make My Heart Sing"

I'm tired after writing all that! LOL!
But I feel very productive!
Hope you had a productive weekend as well!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

09/11/13 - CPC: "Blues Clues"

Today's post is to alert you to the new challenge over at "Child's Play Challenges".
The inspiration this week: "Blues Clues":
My son loved "Blues Clues" when he was little!!! But surprisingly I don't have any pictures of him that would fit this challenge!
That's okay though, because I was still inspired...
My first thought was I wanted to at least do something w/ the color blue...
 and it just so happened that inspiration hit me while I was lovingly lounging away on my couch (yes, I said "lovingly lounging" LOL)! My couch is gray which would go great w/ a blue color scheme. Not to mention, didn't Steve have a piece of furniture they referrred to a lot on the show? Yes! The "thinking chair"!
From those thoughts, this layout was born:
"Couch Luv" 
Journaling: " I love my Lazyboy couch! It's my favorite place to lounge, and sleep, in my
house; so comfty! It's so big I had to take 2 pictures to fit it all in. It seats 7 comfortably and
has 4 recliners, a 'side table' and electrical. Worth every penny!"
This past weekened I was enjoying a nice peaceful lounge on my couch and just thinking to myself how much I love it and decided I needed to record this "love" for my future self to look back on as well as for future generations...
In the pictures my couch looks blue, but in reality it's more of a gray color.  That is why besides blue I used a piece of gray (and white) PP in my design.
I used an old Sketches in Thyme sketch as inspiration:

Not a whole lot to say otherwise about this layout except it is really making me wish I was at home right now so I can enjoy my couch!
Oh, well something to look forward to, right?!

Speaking of something to look forward to, we at CPC look forward to seeing your take on our challenge.
Please don't forget to come play w/ us!

Monday, September 9, 2013

09/09/13 - "All That She Wants"

Hi and good Monday morning to you!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!
No Design Team challenges for me to share today...that's later in the week.
Today I want to share w/ you a super cute layout I created this past weekend!
It's "super cute" because of the subject...
Here is the layout:
"All That She Wants"
Journaling: "Madi's latest wish is to have a pug. She wants one so badly that she said
she'd be fine w/ not getting any other gifts at Christmas time as long as she gets a pug."
My daughter has been asking for, no let me re-phrase that, begging for a pug! She has wanted one for a few years now but lately, w/in the last 2 months or so, she has just been fanatic about it! That's all we hear about now: "Pug, pug, pug!" We told her that once Ivanna, our malti-poo, and Spotty, our mutt, die then she can have one. So now we're worried that she may put a hit out on them! LOL!
Actually I wouldn't mind having one myself but my hubby doesn't want to deal w/ a puppy in the house... all the training it would require and the destruction it would cause. I understand but all Madi and I see is "cuteness" and we are a sucker for cuteness! It's good that my husband is around to be the voice of reason! 
I printed the picture off of the internet and Madison drew the picture below it.
I told her that she may not get a pug but at least for now she would have this. Of course it's not as good as the real thing but ya know...that's just the way it goes sometimes.
Who knows...between now and Christmas maybe my husband will change his mind....but I seriously doubt it. I have a feeling Madi will be working hard to convince him though.
It's going to be a long 3 months! Hahahahahahahaha!

Friday, September 6, 2013

09/06/13 - Farewell From SIT

"Sketches In Thyme" is saying farewell.
Our fearless leader Tiffany needs to take a break and as sad as it is to see SIT go, it's understandble...we all need a break sometimes!
The blog will still be up so that you can  draw inspiration from the sketches that were shared over the years. Think of this as time to catch up on all the sketches you didn't have time to play w/ before!
There is a "goodbye" post up right now in which some of the DT members, including myself, have chosen one of our favorite sketches and our takes on it.
Please stop by and check it out: Farewell

Thursday, September 5, 2013

09/05/13 - SIWAS: "Good Morning Little School Girl"

I am here today to share w/ you the latest challenge going on over at "Scrap It W/ A Song".
The challenge song this week is "Good Morning Little School Girl" by the Yardbirds.
Not my kind of music but luckily you don't need to know or like the song in order to get inspired!
The title instantly inspired me to scrap a picture of my daughter on her first day of school this year:
"Day 1 of Jr High"
Journaling: "Madi shows off her casual style and a nervous smile on
her 1st day of Jr. High"
I stated that I scrapped "A" picture of her on her first day but what I should have said was I scrapped "THE ONLY" picture of her on her first day.  The older she gets the harder it is to get her to pose for a "first day of school" (FDofS) picture. I was lucky to get this one! Despite the struggle, I always want to get a FDofS picture, but on this particular day it was really important because it was her first day of Jr High! Yup, no more Elementary School for my Baby Girl! :'(

Speaking of important FDofS moments...this year my son is a Senior in High School!
That is a big deal for sure!
His last year before the dreaded "adulthood"! Yikes!
Since it fits w/ the theme of this blog post  I would like to share my layout of those pictures as well!
And yes, I said "pictures" as in plural...I have never had a problem getting him to take pictures! LOL!
(FYI - this layout was completed for a "Scraplift" challenge over at SB.Com.)

"1st Day of Senior Year"
I think this is the first year I scrapped both their FDofS pictures w/in a month of taking them!
Yay, me! Now to go back and take care of some of the rest of the years!!!
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to do so at the "SIWAS" blog as well!

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