Monday, July 8, 2013

7/8/13 - Scrappy Weekend w/ Page Maps

I just had a 4 day weekend!
It was a really good weekend!
Besides just an overall feeling of much needed fun and relaxation, I was able to get some scrapbooking in.  I created 5 layouts: 1 for a blog challenge, which I shared yesterday, 1 for a DT challenge, which I will share Thursday, and 3 for a challenge over at
The challenge is a "Page Maps" challenge which is basically a sketch challenge.
I'll be sharing those 3 today layouts today along w/ the sketches that inspired them.
Page Map #1

Journaling: Since the Hunger Games came out Jospeh has been into archery and
wanting his own archery set. While on vacation in Ohio he finally got one. 7/3/13"
My son is on vacation in Ohio right now and he sent me the picturess via cell and I printed them and scrapped them and sent him a picture of the completed layout. I love how technology can provide instant gratification!
Page Map #2
"Keeping Warm"
Journaling: "My Spirit Hood and a cup of hot chocolate
keeping me warm in Oak Glen 12/16/13"
This layout I flipped and removed some of, what I consider, some of the distracting elements of the sketch.
Page Map #3
"San Jacinto Pt.2"
This layout goes w/ another similar layout, a layout I created of the same day/time while on our trip to Palm Springs this past Spring Break, that's why it has a weird title. (See below for the other layout I created prior to this...probably the closest I will ever get to a 2-pager!)
I may go back and fix the picture on the right hand side though, as I look at it now, it's a little to slanted for my taste.
"San Jacinto Pt. 1"
I really enjoyed the free time to relax and scrap and actually enjoy life.
I wish every week had a 4 day weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fabulous!! I love seeing how you change up the sketches. I usually remove 'distracting elements' too. As for that last one, I'm calling it a 2-pager! Didn't think I'd ever see that!

  2. they are all great layouts!!! I wish I could complete that many in a weekend :D (I am a super slow scrapbooker ha ha ha)

    1. I had 4 technically it doesn't count as a "regular" weekend! ;0)

  3. These are gorgeous!! I love love love the colors and the circles on the last two!!

  4. These layouts are all awesome! You make me want to get into my scrappy space and start scrapping. Also, I just love the hat that you're wearing on the Keeping Warm layout.

  5. Great layouts! I have always loved Page Maps for inspiration! :)

  6. Fabulous job on all of these layouts. You really did great with the sketches.


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