Thursday, July 4, 2013

07/04/13 SIT Sketch # - 116 "Music Lover"

My poor son!
He gets neglected...
He's the older child and the less demanding one,  so he gets pushed aside more than I would like to admit. :0(
That also seems to be true when it comes to taking pictures and creating layouts.
Although this is certainly not intentional!  
Well today is about him, well at least my blog post and layout is! 
I created a layout about him using the latest sketch at "Sketches In Thyme".
 Sketch #116
 "Music Lover"
Journaling (a quote): "One good thing about music, when it
hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley 
My son loves music! He is always listening to it.
I find him w/ his ear buds in more than not! And his latest obsession is Pandora.
In these pics he was working on a school project but every so often I would catch him messing w/ his phone...I'm assuming looking for more music to listen to.
The sketch called for one big picture and a "film strip" of 3 smaller pictures. Since I didn't have that I filled the "film strip" spot w/ a piece of solid color paper that was approximately the same length as the sketch called for and used that to anchor another picture.  The rest of my layout pretty much followed the sketch to a "T" although my title is much lower! I was having a bit of trouble deciding which color/patterned paper to use as my big rectangle in the BG and then I decided I would just doodle it instead! Love the way it came out! I'm definitely trying that again!


  1. I hear ya... Brookie gets scrapped more than Adam! LOL! I love love love your lo! LOVING the photos, the colors and the layers!!!

  2. I totally know what you mean about your son being less demanding. I think that's true of a lot of boys. I have the same issue with mine. I have to make a special effort to make time with him because he just doesn't demand it and remind me the way my girls do.

    I really love your layout! The alpha you used is awesome.

  3. Love the layout! I especially love the doodled rectangle.


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