Monday, June 3, 2013

06/03/13 - Just a Couple of Layouts...

As you know I've been kinda MIA a bit.
I have been trying to figure some stuff out in my life and part of that is whether or not to give up scrapbooking.
I'm not sure if it's just cuz of the stresses of life, but I just haven't felt the desire to scrap.
I have been keeping up w/ my DT commitments, and I will be sharing some layouts for those later in the week and in the weeks to follow, but as far as scrapping just for just hasn't felt..."right".
But I challenged myself to create a  "just for fun" layout this past weekend and I am here to share what I came up w/.

"Getting My Scrap On"
Journaling: "I usually scrap in my scrapbook room but on this particular day
I was in the kitchen. Regardless of where I scrap it always ends up the same: A Mess!!"
I created this one  because it was a fairly simple layout.  The paper was already pretty much ready to go (see top layer):
I just added some doodling, journaling,  a mutltiple stamped date, a punched photo corner, one chipboard embellie and a pic. 
BTW - did you notice my scrapping companion?
She's kinda hard to see so here's a close up!
That's Panini snoozing in the box of one of my scrap kits. And there were supplies in there but she didn't seem to care! LOL!
Since I felt pleased w/ the way the first one turned out I tried creating another one.
This one wasn't as easy!
Journaling: "I know all cats have attitudes but Panini's seems worse than most!
Sometimes this makes things difficult but we love her no matter what!"
This one took a while to grow on me.  In fact it took a while after I was done for it for me to feel like it was completed.  I kept going back and adding things to it! I think I added to it 3 times before I declared it finally done!!! In the end I was pleased w/ it too!
The fact that I completed 2 layouts I was happy w/ is a big step for me right now because in all honesty, out of the last 8 I have created I have only really liked 3 of them! :0(
BTW - I discovered something about myself. I don't really like chipboard letters. I like sticker letters much better! I think chipboard letters are too bulky and less clean!
Well, here's hoping these 2 are a jumpstart back into my love of scrapping!
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  1. Great layouts! I don't like chipboard letters as much as sticker letters either. I almost always prefer flat over lumpy, no matter what the item.

    I think all of us go through periods where we don't love our LOs, aren't feeling the passion, etc. but that's no reason to give up. It's not black and white- you can have a break (short or long) without going so far as to say you're quitting. For a lot of people, dropping DT or other obligations can bring back the joy. I'm not recommending you do that (your DT stuff always looks fab!) but it's something to consider.

  2. I loveeeeeeeee your lo's... and I hope you don't quit!! Like Cindy said, take a break, but don't give it up :)

  3. These are fabulous! I am sure the other 8 were fabulous too, but I do know what you mean. We've gone through a loss in our family and scrapping was just not in me. Like you, I completed what I HAD to get done and that was it. And then BAM I got June's Scrapbook Circle kit and had an absolute blast with it. You know how writers say that sometimes after coming out of writers block the words literally flow out of the pen onto the page? That's is how I felt. Creating easily and joyfully and happy with the results. I think those blocks force you to take breaks and then you try something new or go back to something you liked the results of before and reconnect to what about scrapbooking makes you happy.

  4. First let me say - love the layouts! :) I go through many periods of lost mojo, but I don't think I'd ever be able to just give up scrapbooking. It is too much of who I am, and such a creative release for me. I know it's been hard for you, too. Many dropping a DT or not having as many commitments weighing you down will help.

    I am also going through a period where I haven't been totally in love with some of my layouts lately. But I keep at it. My motto is that they can't ALL be winners, LOL. I've been doing my PL too, lots of birthday/anniversary/mom day/dad day/grad cards to get done this time of year as well ... and since I'm a chronological scrapper, I keep a list of layouts to do. Sometimes I'm just not feeling the next one. But I challenge myself to get it done so I can go to one I am feeling. It is what works for me, and I know it isn't for everyone.

    No matter what, I consider you a friend. I've opened up to you, and I hope you know that you can ALWAYS open up to me. I'm in your corner, and will send as many ((hugs)) as you need, OK?!? xoxo

  5. I don't think you should quit. I think you should just take a break! I do that from time to time and then I get inspired and start again. Sometimes for me, the DT stuff took a lot of fun out of scrapping, so I didn't feel like it when I went to do it for fun again.


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