Wednesday, May 15, 2013

05/15/13: CPC - Buttons and SIWAS -"Soak Up The Sun"

Yay, I'm on time today!!!
Well...kinda ...sorta!
I have 2 challenges to share w/ you today.
One actually went live today, the other a week yeah only kinda, sorta, on time!
Let's start w/ this weeks challenge over at "Child's Play Challenges".
This week we are inspiring you w/ buttons!
Here is the inspiration pic:

So colorful and pretty, right?!
I love using buttons on my layouts!
They're a fun, easy, fairly cheap, embellie and the come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors!
Here is what I created:
"M&M Girls"
Journaling: "3/21/13 - M&M Store, Vegas.
My favorite = Brown   Madi's favorite = Green"
During our last trip to M&M World in Vegas, in March, I found out that Madison's favorite M&M character was the Green M&M. I also have a favorite, the Brown one, so when I saw these displays I wanted to take pics of them to memoralize these faves of ours.  Kinda silly, I know, but I think it will be fun to have  this to look back on. After all, things change! Also, I think it's funny how we actually have "favorites" of such random things! I mean really, a favorite M&M character? What's that about! LOL!
In keeping w/ the inspiration theme, I  used buttons (and brads and eyelets and self-adhesive dots) to mimic M&M candies.
Okay, next challenge, which went live on May 9th (Yikes)!
During the month of May, "Scrap It W/ A Song", is inspiring you w/ songs about the weather.
The layout I am going to share w/ you was inspired by the song "Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow.
Here is my layout:
"Soak Up the Sun"
Journaling:"Madison enjoying the sun-inspired fountain at the Redlands Shopping Center."
Not much of a story to tell about this layout.
Just some older photos of Madison enjoying the water fountain at a shopping center we frequent.
This was 2 years ago when simple things like this still made her happy!
*Note: I used a sketch I found online but now I can't remember where or who designed it! So I apologize in advance to the person if they stumble across my blog and recognize their work w/out my giving credit!
Okay well that's all from me today!
Don't forget to come on by either blog and share the projects you were inspired to create!
Challenges are open until May 31st, 2013!


  1. Very nice! I don't have a favorite M&M character and now I'm thinking I should! What do the two of you like about brown or green?

    1. Thanks, Cindy!
      IDK why Madi likes the Green one...but I like the Brown one because:
      1. Brown is my favorite color
      2. She wears glasses (like me)
      3. She has a bit of an attitude (again, like me, LOL)

  2. Both are great layouts!! :) I am very fond of the M&M one, of course - candy AND Las Vegas, *love*!! :)

  3. Love love love love these!!! LOVING the M&M one!! So fun!!!

  4. Dory, loving these layouts! I haven't seen you around anywhere (you deleted FB?) and I miss you and your creations! I didn't know you started a new blog. Glad to "see" you friend! :))


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