Tuesday, April 9, 2013

04/09/13 - "5th Grade Grad"

The layout I am sharing today was actually created w/ some help from my daughter.

I was having severe scrappers block w/ this layout.
Everything I tried looked so "blah".

But my daughter stepped in and helped me out.
I was throwing paper combos together and I kept asking her opinion.
She was honest in telling me what she liked or disliked.
However, I still was not "feeling it".
I was actually about to forget the whole thing when she insisted upon a particular combo we had tried.
Although I wasn't thrilled w/ it, I figured I wasn't happy w/ anything else anyway, and since I was scrapping a picture of her, I might as well go w/ what she likes.

Here it is what we came up w/:

"5th Grade"
"Madison 2 months away from graduating from Elementary school"
My daughter helped me pic out the BG paper and scalloped circle picture mat.
I then added a matching 6x6 square of PP and a few "school" embellies to liven it up.
I think the reason I was having so much trouble was because I was trying to represent 2 different stages of life in the layout.
The picture is of my DD graduating Elementary and moving on to Middle school.
So in essence she is still a "little girl" graduating into a "big girl".
I wanted the layout to be not too babyish yet not too grown up.
A bit conflicting, no doubt!
In the end though I think I was able to convey that idea pretty well.
I  am happy w/ the end result!
When I thanked my daughter for helping me out, telling her the page came out really nice, she said,"That's cuz I have great taste in scrapbooking!" LOL!
(BTW - last time i checked this layout has been re-pinned on Pinterest 22 times! Wow! That makes me feel really good!)


  1. Very nice! That's awesome that she was able to find a look that she loves that works so well.

  2. I love love love love this!!! I loveeeeeeee the photo and loving the way you used Nikki's papers!!! CONGRATS on all the pins!!!

  3. I really like it!! :) You guys both did a great job! :)

  4. Such a great combination of patterns and colors, Doreen! Great job! And thanks ever so much for stopping by my blog today! Big hugs!


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