Thursday, March 7, 2013

03/07/13 - SIT #104 & SIWAS

Hi all!
I recently noticed that my DT blog posts for "Sketches in Thyme" and "Scrap It With A Song" are always on the same day.

As is the case w/ today...
So this means I am plugging 2 blogs in one post; a two-for-one kinda deal.

First up is "Sketches In Thyme".
Here is the new sketch for this week:

 "Sketch #104"


And my creation:

"Panini Gram"
Journaling: Panini is a frequent subject of my Instagram pictures. These are
a few of my favorite ones.
When I saw the sketch I immediately thought it would be perfect to scrap a group of random pictures that I had on Instgram of my daughter's kitty! However, I didn't realize how much room the pics would take up! I'm not upset though because the pics are super cute, but it did throw off the original design of the sketch. I was a bit disappointed that the giant circle was covered up so much so I added a little circle at the bottom to help remedy that a bit.  I wanted to use girly colors since Panini is a girl kitty but I didn't want to overwhelm the neutral color scheme of the pics. I found these muted red, pink, and tan papers in a 12x12 "Fall Stack" pad of papers that I have had in my stack for YEARS!! They are girly but not TOO girly! I have never had a use for them before but I like the way they look here!
I am thinking I may go back and write the dates of each of the pics on the back of the layout just so I have them for future reference.
My daughter loved my layout except for the "I love my kitty!" sticker... She thought the sticker was cute but she pointed out that Panini is not my kitty; Panini is hers.  So I told her, "I'm sorry but they didn't have a 'I love my daughter's kitty' sticker". She then told me to make sure I let everybody know that Panini is her kitty...
*Attn readers: Panini is Madison's kitty*
Hope that is sufficient., LOL!
Okay onto my 2nd layout.
This one is for "Scrap It With A Song"
We are using songs w/ colors in them as the inspiration songs for March.
This week's song challenge is "Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh.
Here is my layout:
"Lady In Red and Pink"
Journaling: "Lately I've been taking a lot of selfies.
Some actually come out pretty good!
  But not as good as the ones teenagers take"
As you read in my journaling, I have been trying out "selfies", as in taking pictures of myself.  I have been realizing more and more that I need to have more of "me" in the family albums, If this means that I need to take the pics myself, I am okay w/ it. I'm still not proficient, but I'm working at it! I don't understand how teenagers always get such good shots of themselves! Now I just need to work on my "duck-face"! LOL! JK
I've also been trying to get better at misting. I used it on my last 2 layouts, in different ways, and now this one as well.  I find I'm better at misting w/ a mask. For this layout I made a mask by punching holes in a piece of cardstock. I'm pretty happy w/ the outcome and am proud that I'm branching out a bit!
Okay, okay, enough about me!
It's your turn to give one or both of the challenges a whirl!
As always w/ these challenges, you have until the end of the month to share your creations w/ us!
Hope to see you play along!


  1. Hi girlie!!! Its been a long time but I popped over after you came to my blog and decided to check things out! You have been a busy girl and I must say, I love your pages a lot! I also love your blog layout too!!! The colors are so fresh and fun! I found some inspiration from your pages I saved on my computer to help me get back in to scrapping, so keep them coming! Take care!

  2. Love your pages!! I hardly have pics of myself either.

  3. Love love love love these!! LOVING the colors and loving that grid design on the first one!!

  4. Super fun, Doreen! I'd have used the sticker, too ;). LOVE the purples! And I don't take enough pics of myself, either. I'm always the one behind the camera, but you've inspired me to try. TFS!

  5. Both lovely layouts. Great grid design for the first, and I don't think you have to worry too much about pet layouts being 'girly' or not, lol.

    And selfies, yep I started taking them a couple of years ago, as I realised I was always scrapping my kids and not myself! It's nice to capture ourselves sometimes too. :-)

  6. Both are great layouts!! One of my friends is always saying "Death to Duck Face," so I had to laugh at your comment!!! :D


Thanks for all your comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!