Monday, February 4, 2013

02/04/13 - The Same...But Not

This past weekend I created a layout that is reminiscent of a layout I created a couple of years ago.
When I started the layout I didn't plan to make it similar. But as I stared at the pics and tried to think of a title I realized how fun it would be to carry the original concept over to the new layout!
I was right!
Not only do I like the layouts on their own, but together they provide a fun comparison!

The first layout was created in 2011 w/ pics of my daughter and her cousin, my nephew, at Christmas time in 2010.  Like most young kids, they think its funny to make faces when they have their picture taken. I was able to get a 'good' picture and a picture of them being silly. I wanted to use both pictures and came up w/ a title to capture both 'moods'.

Here is the original layout:

"Naughty or Nice?"

Fast forward 2 years later. Same kids, and same attitude towards picture taking! LOL!
Again, I had a 'good' picture and silly picture. When I finally decided I wanted to take the same approach to the layout as the original I had a little trouble thinking of a title...finally one came to me and I think it's just as fitting as the original!

"Sweet and Sour"
Journaling: Madison and Adrian allowing me 1 good picture before going back to playing.
When I showed my daughter the new layout of course she thought it was hilarious! But she had a different title in mind, one that was actually really good! But I'm not going to share it w/ you right now because I am sure I will be sharing it w/ you when I scrap the next set of pics like I am sure there will definitely be more in my future! LOL!


  1. LOVE IT!!! :) Too cute!!! :)
    I love the idea of carrying this idea through the years - really touches my heart! It's like the pictures I've seen of puppies together, then again as older dogs, in the same place and pose. Super, super cute! And the titles - LOVE the play on words, can't wait to see the next in the series.

    And one of the first things I noticed on the top layout - I am soooooo envious of how you're able to use the "3" as an "e" - genius! I am always stuck with several random letters on a sheet, running out of certain ones quickly. I'm good with using "n/u" or "d/p" or even snipping off some here and there to create what I need. I just wish I was more creative, like what you've done here! Looks fabulous!! :)

  2. These are so cute! I love seeing the two layouts together. Such fun titles and so neat seeing the cousins' personalities shining through in pics taken 2 years apart. Looking forward to seeing the third layout!!

    I didn't notice the 3/E until I read Tanya's comment. Funny how things jump out to one person and another person misses it entirely!

  3. LOVEEEEEEEEEE it!!!! I am loving both lo's! LOVING how you caught their naughty and nice sides in both lo's!! You are fabulous!! :)

  4. Both of the titles are perfect. Seriously, couldn't be any cuter!!! I love your take on both of the designs as well.


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