Saturday, January 26, 2013

01/26/13 - "They Say it's Your Birthday"

Good Morning!

Earlier this week we had a special day for someone in our family; It was my daughter's birthday!
My Madi turned 11 on Thursday.
Since her birthday landed on a weekday (Yuck!) we didn't do a whole lot.
Her daddy baked her a cake and she got to open presents. But unfortunately after that she had to do homework. I know total Bummer!
In fact as she was doing her homework she actually said to me "Today doesn't feel like my birthday.."
Awwww! :0(
So to make her day feel a bit more special I allowed her to stay up extra hour before going to bed.
That made her happy! She loves staying up late!
Oh, and I made her pinky-promise me she wouldn't be grouchy or give me a hard time when I woke her up the next day. The pinky-promise worked because she wasn't!
I told her I need to make her pinky-promise me that for EVERY morning because she is ALWAYS grouchy in the morning, LOL!

Here are a few pics -

Madi posing for me:

The giant cake her daddy made her:
(Madi's special request: 4 layers of cake - 2 red velvet and 2 funfetti.  In between is frosting that was created by mixing together whipped cream, cream cheese and crushed cookies & cream candy bars.  Talk about sugar overload, right?  It was originally supposed to be just 2 layers, 1 each of the different flavors of cake but my husband thought it would be more fun to make it this way. He was right, it was more fun, but my goodness, our tummy's were hurting after, LOL!)

Madi's kitty, Panini, checking out the cake:

Madi blowing out the candles:

Panini waiting for her "mommy" to open her presents:

And that night she stayed up late watching one of the DVDs she received for her birthday; Season 1 of "Chowder":

BTW - "Chowder" is the show that inspired her kitty's name!

This is Panini and she is in love w/ the main character, Chowder:

This weekend we plan on finishing Madison's birthday celebration by taking her to Oak Glen.  She wants to go there to have a slice of their super-crumbly apple pie! Hopefully, since it's been raining a lot, there will be snow for her to play with as well!


  1. Happy Birthday Madi! She is beautiful!! LOVING that pic of Panini looking at the cake... it looks YUMMY!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Madi!!! That cake is humongous! I mean WOW! It looks like she had a great day even with the homework.

  3. Happy birthday Madi! I would want that cake too! Awesome of you to extend the birthday celebration to the weekend. :)

  4. Oh, my gracious! I don't think that I've ever seen a cake that BIG before! Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  5. Hey love :) Someone left you a comment on Nikki's blog on where to get her collections ---


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