Monday, January 14, 2013

01/15/13 - Layout #10

Hi there!
I made a few changes to my blog...
Unfortunately all of the changes weren't exactly intentional.

I went to make 1 little change and while I was doing that I figured I'd try a few other things, just for "Ha-Ha"s...
Boy was that a mistake!
I wound up completly messing up my blog and then I couldn't get it back to it's original state! Yikes!
So finally I got my blog back to being somewhat decent.

Well, on to the reason for my post.
Last week I shared w/ you that I was challenging myself to complete 120 layouts for the year.
120 for the year equals 10 layouts a month.
As of Sunday Night the total number of layouts I have created for the month of January is 10!
Yay, me!!
In honor of that milestone I'd like to share the layout:
"...the Walking Dead"
Journaling: "A tender moment turns into a scene from the Walking Dead"
I actually got the journaling/title idea from my husband.
I took these pictures during our outing to see the "Festival of Lights" in December.
When my husband saw the pics, he uploaded them to his instagram w/ the journaling/title as his caption.  I decide when I finally scrapped them that I would copy his idea.
(Thanks, hubby!)
On another note, this layout also marks a first: the first time I ever used Washi Tape.
I love the way Washi Tape looks on layouts! I also love that it comes in so many different colors and patterns! But I have always been afraid to use it!
Silly I know!
So what got me to finally take the plunge?
Yup, you guessed it!
A challenge. A Challenge.
The challenge was to scrap a layout  using the theme of "New" as your inspiration. New could be interpreted any way: New Supplies, New Pics, New Techniques, whatever "New" meant to you.
So I decided to use the Washi Tape as my "new".
I was hesitant at first but love the end result!!
Now I think I need to go shopping, LOL!
Oh, and if your wondering what changes I actually MEANT to make to my blog...I simply wanted to add a count of the layouts I have created on my sidebar. I'm hoping this will help keep me on track w/ my scrappy goal.


  1. Congratulations on meeting your goal so early! Cute new blog :)

  2. Wow - 10 layouts in January is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  3. I can't believe you're already made 10 layouts in 15 days! Wow!!! I'm so impressed. Your layout is really adorable. You did a fabulous job!

  4. Glad you got your blog back to normal!! LOVING your lo!! Those photos are soooooooooo fun and loving the title!!!


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