Monday, December 3, 2012

12/03/12 - December Daily

Good Morning Friends!
It's officially December and that means Christmas is almost here...Yikes!!
I still need to do more than half of my shopping.
I am not a big fan of Christmas...
Let me re-phrase that... I like Christmas, I just hate the shopping part.
That part completely stresses me out!
So every year I seem to put it off, and put it off, later and later.
This year I REALLY put it off!
In fact, if it weren't for my husband, I don't think we'd have as much done as we do!
I have my kids' gifts, and as far as I'm concerned, that's all that matters.
I really don't feel like I should have to buy presents for anyone else.
And I don't need presents because I buy myself whatever I want whenever I want it.
I'm an instant gratification kinda girl!
So this time of year sucks because I can't buy what I want because I have to make sure to have options for others to buy me gifts.
Just one year I would like to say : "Nobody, buy me anything...and I will do the same"
Again, except for my kids get presents!!
Honestly if I could take the presents out of the equation I would LOVE Christmas!!
Okay, okay, enough of that.
On to other things.
This year I am trying to complete a December Daily album.
I'm hoping this will help make me enjoy Christmas more than I have in the past.
My version is going to be a very "watered down" version.
It's my first time and I don't want to stress myself out!
I bought myself a photo album that holds two 4x6 pics on each page.
The top slot will hold the pic, the bottom will hold the journaling which I will write on a 4x6 piece of holiday paper. 
That's it!  No bells and whistles. 
Can't get any more watered down than that!
As I said it's my first time and I want to start easy.
I want to focus on the pics and the journaling not on all the "pretties".
I started a little "early" w/ my December Daily.
Mine should probably called "December Daily w/ a few November Pics Thrown In".
I took pics when we picked out our tree, and when I started drinking egg-nog, and then having a "red-cup" drink from Starbucks. They were all taken in November.
At first I thought I couldn't include them because they were taken in November and this is supposed to be "December" daily. But I read over on the boards that some people call there's a "Countdown to Christmas" album and document ALL the holiday related events regardless of when they took the pics. 
If I go that route, that means I CAN include my November pics, Yay!
I'm so silly though...
I mean I don't know why I thought I couldn't include them, after all there are no rules in scrapbooking, right?
Anyway that's all from me today!
But before I leave I have to share one pic because I think my blog looks too boring w/ just words, LOL!
Peppermint Mocha Latte from Starbucks, Yum!


  1. yes, it shouldn't be stressful. I am kinda taking the same approach, but I am incorporating it into my PL...all month will be about the Christmas season, but I am sure I won't be taking picture each day...I have a list of items I am going to journal about already. Some pictures will be taken that day others will just be of items I took this season.

    Have fun...can't wait to see your finished album!

  2. I hate shopping too. Years ago, I taught year-round and I had all of September off. I would do ALL my Christmas shopping and gift-making, wrap it, and be completely done by the time I went back to work in October. It was the best! I could actually relax and enjoy December! Fast forward a decade and it's Dec 3 and I've finished gifts for about 1/4 of the people on my list. Ack! I totally hear you about not liking the pressure of this time of year.

  3. Stop crying and get to shopping! Merry Christmas ♡♥♡♥ ;-)

    P.S. I love you Retarda!

  4. I start shopping Dec 26th for the next Christmas ... cause I love bargains and everything is 50% off the day after :) And if it's Christmas candles that I get for the Mom's -- then they will still be good next year! LOL!!!

  5. OMG! I swear I didn't read this before I wrote my post today. LOL!

    I'm all for "watering down". While I love LOVE the extravagant "this is what we do every day" albums, it is just not for me. You'd find me in the corner sucking my thumb or licking at an empty bottle of tequila if I put that kid of pressure on myself.

    I love your idea and can't wait to see it!

    1. Sometimes you and I are so much the same it's scary! LOL!


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