Monday, December 31, 2012

12/31/12 - I Love Challenges

Happy New Years Eve to you!
I haven't blogged too much lately...
I was on vacation for 11 days and I don't blog much when I am home so I kinda got out of practice I guess.
Well, this is the last day of 2012!
We survived!! Yay!
It has been a hard year but it's over and I am looking forward to 2013 being much, much better!
I would like to dedicate my last blog post of the new year to sharing lots of layouts as well as an "obsession"...
I'm sure that by reading my blog you have discovered that I love participating in challenges!
Whether they be DT assignment challenges, Blog challenges, or challenges, I am always eager to play!
I like how they give you different ideas and even sometimes help you step out of your comfort zone.
And for those challenges that don't do either of those 2 things, I find they hold me "accountable" and so I make a commitment to scrap! Since I have been back to the scrapping world I have been more relaxed w/ my work, and I have noticed that I am enjoying the process and my layouts more because of this! I am also getting more done! Back in the day I was lucky to get 2 or 3 done a month. Now I am averaging about 8!
Despite it being a busy month, December was a good month for scrapping! And I would like to share w/ you all the layouts I created in December thanks to challenges:
 SB.Com's Negative Space Challenge
 "Ready To Shop"

SB.Com's Monthly Sketch Challenge December - Week 1
 "Happy No. 11"
(Used a lot of scraps on this one!!)
SB.Com's Monthly Sketch Challenge December - Week 2
SB.Com's Monthly Sketch Challenge December - Bonus Sketch Week #1
 "The Cove"
SB.Com's Monthly Sketch Challenge December - Bonus Sketch Week #2
"Early Gift"
SB.Com's December Ooooh Baby Challenge
"Tummy Time"
SB.Com's Round Robin Challenge
"November 2011"
The next seven I have already shared but since they were created because of challenges I am sharing them again just to show you how well challenges inspire me to scrap!
SB.Com's December Scrap Your Pet Challenge
"I <Heart> My Dog"
SIT's 1st Sketch of December
SIT's 2nd Sketch of December
"Soft Kitty..."
 SIT's 3rd Sketch of December
"The Taste of Christmas"
Child's Play DT Call Challenge
"Anniversary Gift"'s December Hoarders Challenge and Twisted Tuesday's Blog Challenge
"Medieval Times"

Scrap It With  A Song Favorite Christmas Song Challenge
"Last Christmas"
That's 14 layouts in one month!!
For me that's really good! :0)
Here's hoping you have a Happy New Year and even happier 2013!!!


  1. Holy smokes!! You were busy this month!!! I loveeeeeeeee these!! Beautiful!!!

  2. Wow - good for you! 14 is a LOT and they are all fantastic. I did exactly ONE layout in December. It's always a really low month for me.


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