Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12/05/12 - Clicking for Breast Cancer

Hi there!
A really quick post.

In case you haven't noticed, on the side bar of my blog there is a "Breast Cancer Click Every Day" button.
The Breast Cancer Site

If you haven't been doing so, I ask that when you come and visit me that you please click on that button. It literally only takes a second and each click helps fund mammograms.
My mother is a breast cancer survivor so the cause is very dear to me.
But even if I didn't have that connection to the disease, I still think it's important to help in the fight against breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter.
If you're worried about it being a scam, I have been doing it for years and have never had a problem.
I have an automatic e-mail sent to me from the breast cancer site to remind me to click and it has a link to their site so that I can do so.
Also, I went to to see if it was legit before "committing" myself and they assured it was.
Here is the link to Snopes that explains it: Snopes Breast Cancer Clicks.
Thank you!


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