Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/20/12 - A Cute Story/SB.Com

Good Morning Friends!
Just wanted to share a quick story w/ you:

As you know I am a member of Scrapbook.com.
I have been since 2005.
I have always appreciated the fact that being a member is free as well as the excellent customer service I have received from the team whenever I placed an order or otherwise needed their assistance or guidance.
Approximately once a month, SB.com offers free shipping.
And this month they offered it 2xs: their monthly freebie and then to those that follow/like them on Face Book .
Well, as great as that sounds...for some people it became an issue.
There was actually complaints!
The complaint was about the fact that there is a minimum purchase price required in order to recieve the free shipping.
It went on and on from there.
I defended scrapbook.com.
I mentioned that the site was free so if paying for shipping and or requiring a minimum purchase for free shipping means I continue to have free membership than I'm all for it.
Some other members backed me up as well.
Anyway in the midst of this back and forth, a SB.com Team Member stated that they have to require a $ minimum or they could wind up losing money as a result of the free shipping. She went on to equate it to buying a Snickers bar on Amazon and getting it shipped free.  In other words the shipping would cost more than the Snickers bar.
That got a chuckle and then we all kinda went on about our favorite candy bars, trying to diffuse what looked like could turn into an explosive situation.
I eventually made the joke:
"... for a limited time only, SB.com is sending a free Snickers bar for every order processed w/ the free shipping code...."

Well I got my order today and guess what I got:

(Sorry about the pictures being so dark. I took them really quickly before I ran off to work this morning)
Isn't that hilarious, not to mention very sweet of them?! (no pun intended)
It totally made my day!


  1. That is too funny and very sweet of them!!

  2. How seriously sweet is that?! I love that they paid attention and rewarded your defending them. Too cool!

  3. That is soooooooooo funny!! LOVING that they sent you a Snickers!! LOL!!!!

  4. THAT IS AWESOME!!! :) I also agree that people should NOT be complaining about free shipping! Give me a break!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

  5. Awesome on many levels!

    You should scrap the story and the note!!!'

  6. That is incredibly awesome. I love sb.com. Good for you for sticking up for them. It drives me crazy when people are so selfish as to want more, more, more from a place that already gives them so much value.


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