Friday, September 21, 2012

9/21/12 - Flashback Friday

Since I only get to scrap on the weekends, or every other Friday (my day off), or when my daughter goes to Girl Scouts (3 Wednesdays a month), I don't have anything new to share today.
But I thought it would be fun to dig up some old layouts!
I created these in September of 2010 and love them as much now as I did then!

It's fun looking back on past work, dontcha think?!
Happy Friday to you and yours!

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  1. Hey there girlie!

    I have been waiting to respond when I had time to write. I have read I believe all of your previous posts and you can tell from them that you are in the process of healing and starting over. I can completely relate, in so many ways and on so many levels as well.

    While I am at the end of the healing process, because it was rather quick for me I still have days where I ask myself how did I get here. But the coolest thing is that we got there because we needed to get there. Life is complicated and things or people make them so. Well we allow them to do so because we make that choice but we do so out of love most of the time. That is the thing about allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and love that we take the chance of hurting. But we must. We must go through life with hurts so that when we heal from them we learn a great deal. I think God wants us to learn like this in our humanness so that we can be moved and more willing. I know the tendency is to pull back due to being hurt but I encourage you to bask in your process of healing so he can bring you to the other side where there is victory from growth!!!

    We are supposed to live life and that means in every area, not just the times where we are running through a field of daisies!

    Be encouraged today friend. Scrapping was hard for me too, still is. Getting back into life has been an easier process because of God and those around me. But scrapping, I still struggle with. So I don't force it. I just go with the flow when it comes. I am finding a new love and appreciation for it and that is growth!

    Have a great weekend and know I am praying for you.


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