Monday, December 18, 2017

12/18/17 - "XO - Hogs -N- Kisses"

Okay, show of hands...
How many of you knew by the title of this blog post that Hamlet would be in it.
(You should all have your hands raised)

Here is my latest Midori Traveler's Notebook Spread
It's a 2-pager; each page is approximately 4.5 x 8.5:

"XO - Hogs and Kisses"

"Have you hugged your pig today? No?! Okay, go do it...I'll wait.
Snuggles w/ Grampy; I love these 2 so much! 11.25.17"

The BG (polka-dot) paper and matching stripe paper came from the same paper pack I used for my "Crepes of Wrath" layout: Crepes of Wrath .
If you recall I stated that paper pack is (at least) approximately 16 years old.

This page was inspired by a Color Palette challenge at
We were to use this palette as inspiration:

I think I got pretty close... I used a bit more pink then I had planned to, but otherwise... I think I nailed it!
And even if I didn't... at least I was able to get another page done!
#96 for 2017
I also want to share the cover(s) to this book which has morphed into a "Pet Themed" journal:
The left hand side item is a "hard"-shell cover I purchased from Happy Planner on Etsy and the right hand side is the decorative cover I created directly on the front of the notebook.
I think I have just as much fun creating the covers as I do creating the actual pages!
If I can find a more "pet related" cover I will purchase it and switch it out with this one, but for now..."cameras" will work!
BTW - When I say this notebook has morphed into pet themed, this is one of 4 Pet layouts already in the album, one of which I shared on a prior blog post:
I am really enjoying my Traveler's Notebook(s)!
Also for the following December Challenges:

Category # 2 Song Title
I chose "XO" by Beyoncé
 >>Anything goes Challenge
Daily Challenge #14
Use a smile (or crown) on your page.
The piggy sticker is smiling!

9 Stickers
-File Label/Journaling Spot
-Arrow (small next to heart)
-Word/Phrase (3)
-Self Adhesive Pearl

3 Items
- The BG paper and matching stripe paper are older than my 16 year old daughter! (2)



  1. LOVE this! And of course my hand is raised. Hamlet layouts are some of my favorites.

  2. Loveeeeeee this! I love every time Hamlet makes an appearance!!!!!!!

  3. oh man...I've been missing out on all your posts! Love the colors--I love red, but never use it on I am going to have to copy you :D


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