Thursday, January 11, 2018

01/11/18 - "At 15"

A layout I created in December 2017
(I actually wrote this blog post in December but forgot to post it)
My daughter will be 16 in January.
I very rarely can get a photo of her so since I was able to get this photo, and she is about to exit her 15th year, I decided to do a page about some of her likes and dislikes at this age.
The only reason I was able to get this photo is she wants to change her hair again and I told her I needed a photo of what it looks like right now to send to her hair dresser.
Hey, whatever works, right?!

Edited To Add -
She now has BRIGHT Blue Hair
and she saw this layout, sitting on my desk mid-design, and got upset that I used the photo so I'm not going to be able to use that trick anymore; ugh!
"At 15"
"At 15
Madison hates being called 'Madi', has blue-gray hair and a nose piercing, loves hard rock music, Batman, and pigs and wants to be a veterinarian when she 'grows up'.
For the following December Challenges: 
>>Anything Goes Challenge
Daily Challenge - Day 4
Use a black base on your project
12 total
-Alphas (4)
-Stars (3)
-Swirly Border
13 Total Items
-Alphas (4)
-Small circle punch
-Purple Paper (used in 3 places)
-PL Card
-Cassette sticker
-Washi Tape
-Star and #Rad" puffy stickers
>>Music Challenge
Category #3 - Artist
I have the group name Metallica on my layout on my daughter's shirt
>>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
1 Scrap - Used in 3 places
- The purple paper

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  1. Great Layout! Ah...someday she will enjoy all that you have scrapbooked for them :)


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