Monday, January 8, 2018

01/08/18 - "Snacks" / -Jan '18 CKC -

Happy Monday!
Though I'm not having a "Happy" Monday today...
but I'll try not to dwell on it.
Sharing another page created w/ my January Counterfeit Challenge Blog kit;
-click here for a reminder of my kit contents: My Jan Counterfeit Kit.
Also inspired by "Week 1 of  the Monthly Challenge" of the "January Anything Goes Challenge":

"In Dec 2017, I joined the $1 Snack Nation club; (+2.99 S/H). I get a variety of (6) snacks mailed to me each month in exchange for filling out a short survey about each snack. I've priced some of the snacks in the store...for example the Mint Gelato bar is $2.99 and the Ocho bar is $1.99 at World Market. Those 2 snacks alone cost more than my whole Snack Box!"

I included photos of my Dec and Jan Snack boxes.

More info about the AGC challenge:
AGC - Scrap a Weekly Photo challenge
The monthly challenge for January is FOUR layouts, one for each week of this coming month. We're going to photo document ONE day of each week.

Here's what you have to have.
1. A photograph from a day in the week. More than one is ok, but one is required.
2. A layout featuring that photograph.
3. Journaling notes - either in your gallery or on the layout or hidden behind it - SOMEwhere about the day that you've chosen to make one of your 52 days of 2018.

My photo of January's Snack Box is my photo for Week Jan 1-6 of this project.
It is also the first photo I took in 2018.
Which is why I also entered it in the "First photo of 2018" challenge at
(Food the first photo of the year?! Well I don't call myself a "foodie" for nothing, LOL!)

FYI - I actually wound up scrapping the rest of my photos for that week..after creating this layout.
I will be sharing that in a later post.
Also, heads up, I've been scrapping  A LOT so be prepared for a lot of posts coming your way!


  1. Love this...yay for scrapbooking!

  2. Off to a great start with your 2018 scrapping! I like the washi here. I don't use it often and I totally should.

  3. I like your page! That striped paper was perfect for those pictures. And I think it's important to include those "every day" pictures in our scrapbooking, although I have a hard time remembering to do so myself!

  4. That sounds like an awesome club to belong to!!! LOVING the happy colors!! Sorry you had a bad Monday :(

  5. Great layout, love the bright colors and adorable washi tape. Sorry about your Monday.
    Cindy F.

  6. What a fun page! I love how that striped paper picks up on all the colors in your snacks.

  7. What fun! A snack club. I've never heard of anything like that but this layout is the perfect capture for it. Great job!

  8. What an awesome club to be a part of! Your layout is so bright and fun and those embellishments are perfect!


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