Monday, May 8, 2017

05/08/17 - "The Shape of You"

Happy Monday!
Yes I said "Happy" Monday... and I mean it!
For more info as to why, check out this IG post of mine:
Also,Today I am sharing w/ you layout  #16 of my 75 Layout Goal for 2017
(As of today I'm up to 19 total; my last post was of layout #17)
 Anyway, without further ado...
"The Shape of You"
"Top photo: Hamlet says, 'Look at this physique... I'm definitely Olympic ready!' 08.13.16

Right hand photo: Gosh, I love this little big guy so much!
And yes he's still considered a mini-pig! 7.20.16"

I love this layout! It really is so simple but it makes me happy!
I swear my favorite layouts (created by me) always seem to be the simpler layouts!

Inspiration for the page came from the Music Challenge
Category #4 - Song
The host chose the song: "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran
Used the title of the song for the title of my layout.
*INCLUDES TWIST* of 5 of the same shape; there are more than 5 hearts on this page

Also included in the following April Challenges:
>Pet Challenge
*INCLUDES TWIST* using a large shape on your layout; mine is a heart

18 items
-Alphas (13)
-All the stickers except the pig (4)
-PL Card

18 Stickers



  1. Oh my gosh - I love this. Such a great layout. I love his photos and the journaling and that title! LOL! How much does he weigh? That'd be the one thing you should add to this layout.

    1. Cindy, I have no clue...that's why I didn't document it. "A lot but not too much" is all I can say, LOL!! My husband thinks about 60ish pounds but I think more but I'm not good at eye-balling any kind of measurement so I'll go w/ my husband's guesstimate!

  2. Cute page!!! LOVE that paper!!!

  3. Love love love love this! LOVING those photos and that heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Perfect Piggy Page :D Love the papers you used.


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